Universal Records Philippines has released a couple of teasers in the past few weeks for  new artists that will be added to its portfolio.The company is currently the licensed distributor and promoter of Super Junior, SHINee, One Way, BoA, f(x), Girls Generation, DBSK, U-Kiss, and TRAX (whose album I am still waiting for).

Historically, Universal Records has established itself as a reliable and respectable promoter of K-Pop albums in the country – with most of the albums released under them eventually becoming album sales chart-toppers and even record-breakers. Universal has achieved this through fun and exciting album launch events, exclusive freebies, supportive mutual relationships with K-Pop fan groups, and even constant updates about the K-Pop artists under their roster.

Based on the teasers, the new artists include Big Bang (revealed earlier), 2NE1, and CN Blue. By adding these three new groups, Universal is poised to become the undisputed leading K-Pop album distributor in the country.

This is definitely welcome news as Universal Records seems to be a record label that truly understands how to promote K-Pop albums in the local market. I’d rather have all these artists under their wing than anywhere else (sorry, Sony Music).


Thanks to Universal Records for the photo.


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