After promoting what seemed to be the best deal on mobilephones in years, the LG Optimus One Promo totally enraged customers last Saturday. This was after their offer became one of the most chaotic promos to hit local trade.

Hundreds of people waited in line long before SM Megamall even opened. It was literally a dash to the 4th Floor, where the LG Concept Store is located, when the gates finally opened.

Utter disorder ensued since LG did not seem prepared to handle the huge crowd that came for the promo. Not only were some people cutting the lines but there was also alleged “favoritism” for certain folks who had the gall to bypass people who had been lining up for hours.

And because the LG Promo did not actually mention the actual number of phones they will be selling when they said “until supplies last”, many actually felt that the employees of the LG Concept Stores seemed to be deliberately slowing down the buying process so less people could take advantage of the offer. (Aigoo! How long does it take to buy a silly phone? I could buy 2 pairs of high-end shoes with the time it took one person to buy one phone.)

Just imagine the frustration of hundreds who stood in line for hours just to end up knowing that they didn’t make the “cut” – of just 15 mobilephone buyers?!!

This chaos was said to have been replicated in all the concept stores where the promo was held. It has even reached the point wherein netizens have called the promo a scam. In fact, a Facebook group called Boycott LG Philippines with 134 members as of this post was even formed recently because of this sorry excuse for a promo.

Whether this was a deliberate scam or a case of poor planning is up to you. But for me, I won’t be considering an LG product in any of my upcoming shopping sprees. Min-Ho or no Min-Ho.

Thanks to Boycott LG Philippines for the photo.



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  1. Jaypee says:

    yeah, boycott LG Philippines. But not Lee Min Ho and the phone itself.. LOL! 😆

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