KFest Manila Events Management, the organizer behind KPOP Fest, has revealed a new Korean boy band called ONE S3T (원 셋). Composed of Luis (Hyun), Min, and Jacob (Jin), the group is made up entirely of Koreans but homegrown in the Philippines. This makes it the first and only boy group of its kind in the country.

As of the moment, the all-Korean boy band seems to be a cover group. According to their official Facebook Fan Page, the boys like songs from DBSK (TVSQ) and 2AM. I do hope their repertoire also includes ballads like DBSK’s Insa (인사) which I absolutely love. It’s ok with me if they truly become a cover group but I do wish they inject their own style to whatever song that they do. I’ve heard them do an a cappella version of the He’s Beautiful Track, “I Will Promise You”. They seem to have good voices and did justice to the song. To say the least, I’m looking forward to their first performance.

ONE S3T will have their first guest appearance on the KPop Song Fest in SM Megamall tomorrow, November 13 , (more on that in another post). They will make their formal debut in the KPop Nation Grand Event on December 29.

Thanks to ONE S3T for the photo. (^0^)


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  1. […] and exciting. Among the notable guest performers were Gyu Jin-Nam from new homegrown Korean boyband One S3T (the rest of the band weren’t able to attend) and Jemuel Forto who recently won in the Bravo! […]

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