I used to have this odd and quite nasty habit of putting evil smileys >:) at the end of all my posts on Facebook. In a way, it was my digital signature so friends could instantly tell that it was me (Or at least that’s how I rationalized it).

This habit freaked out a lot of my friends and has even been the cause of miscommunication a couple of times. Just imagine getting a message like:

You just resigned from your job? >:)

Why did you guys break-up? >:)

You look pretty in this photo. >:)

So recently, I tried changing this habit by using Korean Emoticons. I think its a lot better since not only are these icons cute-looking, they also communicate the message in a very clear way. Here are some of them:

(^_^)          smile

(^0^)          laughing out loud

d(^_^)b     two thumbs up

(ㅜ_ㅜ)       sad/crying

(ㅠ_ㅠ)       really sad (see the tears flow!)

(Z.Z)            sleepy

(^_^)/      cheers/hurrah

(^_^);;        sorry/my bad

(o.O)            surprise

(?_?)            I don’t know/nonsense

(^_~)          wink

(>o<)/      panic

m(_ _)m    sorry

(*^^*)        shy

Q(‘-‘Q)        Aja-aja! Fighting!

But of course, my favorite will always be:

v(^_^)v      victory


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