As the lead star of Boys Over Flowers which aired locally on ABS-CBN2, Lee Min-Ho shot to fame in the Philippines playing the role of the snooty rich Gu Jun-Pyo. With his popularity in the country, the station has finally decided to air his recent drama Personal Taste under the title Perfect Match next Monday, November 8 at 1030pm.

In Perfect Match, Lee Min-Ho plays Gino, a stylish architect who has quite an obsessive-compulsive nature when it comes to cleanliness and order. He meets the disheveled and utterly fashion roadkill Son Ye-Jin who plays Julienne Park. Julienne is the daughter of a renowned architect and lives in a traditional Korean house that his father built. Gino takes advantage of Julienne’s misconception that he is gay in order to rent a room in the house and study it for a design competition.

Interesting enough, the ex-boyfriend of Julienne happens to be the main competitor of Gino in the design competition. When Gino finds out that Julienne got dumped by her boyfriend to marry her bestfriend, he somehow feels sympathy towards Julienne. With this, he helps her transform into a “real” woman. Slowly, both of them start to develop feelings from each other after “living together” for too long.

But there are two major problems in their way – how will Jin-Ho admit that he isn’t gay? and will Kae-In forgive her for abusing her trust?

This is definitely must-watch! Son Ye-Jin is great as always and Lee Min-Ho is shaping up to be a major lead actor. Their chemistry alone makes this worth watching in one go.

The support cast is also good and the development of the characters are quite interesting. There is also a balance in the motivations and personality of each character.

The plot is solid although there are a couple of dragging moments (because of the architectural handle and not so stellar cinematography) but all in all – still cohesive and fast-paced. Twists are surprising but not absurd while dialogues are crisp and snappy. It touches on the Coffee Prince gay territory but gives it a fresh approach. When Gin becomes Julienne’s bestfriend, it isn’t too far-fetched since girls always have that ambiguous “guy” friend. And they hook-up not because of random circumstances but because both of them wants to take advantage of the other (Gin wants access to Julienne’s house while Julienne wants Gin’s rent money and fashion advice).

Plus a cameo by Eun Yoon-He from Coffee Prince adds a sincere homage to the hit drama that made the “gay” angle popular.

Thanks to kimyyylee for the video and shoutout to Jaypee! ^^


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  1. Jaypee says:

    It’s 10:30PM on 11/08 according to the network’s website. Not bad at all unless their is delayed program.. LOL! 😆

  2. Jaypee says:

    joon, what’s the performance ratings of Perfect Match compared to East of Eden? Is it good or bad? Do Filipinos love it?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Nacell Nobe says:

    ..i super l0ve personal taste/perfect match. But i want t0 request s0mething. I wish they w0uld change the timesl0t..

    • Jaypee says:

      The timeslot is alright for me, actually the original timeslot is 10:30PM but due to network’s (tired of saying this) thing, it becomes 10:50PM or sometimes 11PM.. 🙂

      • joon says:

        The timeslot is good. It’s actually better than the timeslot of He’s Beautiful since it’s on primetime (which has higher viewership that morning and afternoon schedules). However, if it was a little bit earlier – then it would be great! This way it can get even higher ratings. (^0^)

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