When GMA7 started airing teasers for a new “Korean” show, I was a bit perplexed. Will it be another Korean Drama? If it is which one would it be? I searched over all the latest Korean Dramas that have yet to be aired locally and prayed hard that it was one of the ones that I actually like.

But surprise, surprise! GMA7 started airing a new Filipino Drama entitled “Koreana” last October 11! This series is topbilled by Kris Bernal (who looks as Korean as Mother Lily) who plays Jenna, a Filipino-Korean cook who wants to rediscover and reconnect with her Korean roots. This is a story of how she tries to get a sense of her true identity in life.

In the process, she gets caught in a love triangle between Rocco Nacino who plays Benjo, the typical rebellious bad boy, and Steven Silva who plays Joshua, an ambitious and up-tight fellow Filipino-Korean.

I tried to give this show a chance, believe me. I was praying hard that they could actually do a good job at it since I love all things Filipino and all things Korean. And this was supposed to be like the best of both worlds. But it simply lacks believability in my opinion. The premise is quite interesting but the execution is simply borderline ridiculous.

For instance, is it just me who is disturbed by the fact that Eddie Garcia has previously played the role of a Chinese patriarch in the Mano Po movie franchise? And am I the only one who thinks it is ridiculous that any actor having chinky eyes is immediately considered as a credible Filipino-Korean character?

Even the musical scoring is more Chinese than Korean! I really don’t know what the Creative people in GMA7 thought of but this is just baaaad. They should have hired a Korean consultant to make the scenes truthful to real Korean culture. Have you heard the dreadful Korean dialogues on the show?

But despite all these, the ratings of the show is quite good. Even my dad watches it. So what do you guys think? ^^

Thanks to JacquesDurias2010 for the video.

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  1. Jaypee says:

    I agree with you joon, much better if they consult a Korean who knows Korean culture well, there’s Grace Lee & Sam Oh. I watched first 3 days of the show and i give up on the 4th day. Sorry GMA7, it failed for me. 😆

    • joon says:

      Yeah, this would have been quite an interesting show if it was executed well. The concept is good but how they did it was quite bad. It’s sad since this is like one of the few original show concepts they have had in a while. ^^

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