Ok, that’s me doing the HEY pose. I never even knew that was what it was until I came across asianposes.com.

For all those who enjoy posing like a Korean in their pictures, asianposes.com is definitely a must.This site gives samples of different Asian poses (so you see a lot of the Korean poses) and is still continuously finding new poses to add to its gallery. It even has a pose challenge for people to actually do their own version of a specific pose.

Right now, there are 28 poses in their gallery specifically:
1. V-Sign
2. Shush
3. Begging
4. Adjusting Glasses
5. Claws
6. Pigtails
7. Frame
8. Pleading
9. Louder
10. Fighting
11. Punch to the Face
12. Call Me
13. Bang!
14. Confused
15. Praying
16. Blowing A Kiss
17. Pointing
18. Giant Heart
19. Pillow
20. Surprised
21. Daydreaming
22. Hey
23. Heart Shape
24. Nyan Nyan~
25. Okay
26. Salute
27. Horns
28. Tears

Sounds fun right?! Find out how to do all these poses at asianposes.com


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