I just realized that I haven’t posted a music video in a long time. So in celebration of the only K-Pop album currently in the Astrovision Charts, here is “Lucifer” by SHINee.

This is one of those stylized videos that really is meant to be more of a visual spectacle than a masterpiece of storytelling. However, it just doesn’t seem refreshing enough in terms of treatment. I really wish they came out with a more exciting video. For some reason, it just feels a bit of a letdown especially compared to their previous videos like “Ring, Ding, Dong”. There just isn’t anything quite new – although that jumping in the air sequence is quite a feast for the eyes.

Even the choreography isn’t what I would normally expect from SHINee, which is probably one of the few Korean boy bands that is as good as if not better than Super Junior.

But before SHINee fans spam this with hate posts, let me just say that I totally love the song! I like how the powerful yet poetic vocals actually provides the driving beat behind the rhythm. This is why the song sounds so good even if it isn’t as laden with synthesized sounds as the usual K-Pop song. This is best heard in the parts wherein you only hear them singing in an almost chanting way as accentuated by light electronic sound. I think maybe the music is just too good for such a tame video. For a song entitled “Lucifer”, I definitely expected something more bad ass than this.

Title: Lucifer
Artist: SHINee
Album: Lucifer
Genre: Pop

Thanks to sment for the video.


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