Here is the latest update on the Astrovision/Astroplus Album Sales Chart as of October 11 to 17.

There has been no major K-Pop release in the past few weeks. This has shown in the charts that I have been keeping track of. Lucifer by SHINee is the only K-Pop album in the Astrovision/Astroplus Charts left. Although it remains at #4 in the list of top-selling foreign albums, it has totally dropped out of the Over-All Chart. This means that the OPM or local albums have been selling really well recently compared to the rest of the foreign albums.

I don’t think this trend will continue as there are several big releases expected from the major labels like Universal. But until then, let’s just wish for the best of K-Pop music.

By the way, the Odyssey Music Charts will be on hiatus this week since no K-Pop album made it to the listings.

Over-All Top 16 of the Week: October 11 to 17
1. Faithfully (Star Records) – Jovit Baldovino [=]
2. My Worlds (MCA Music) – Justin Bieber [+1]
3. Non-Stop Pilipino Christmas Medley (Able Music) – Various Artists [+8]
4. I Love Acoustic 3 (MCA Music) – Sabrina [NE]
5. Middle-aged Juvenile Pop Rockers (Universal Records) – Parokya ni Edgar [=]
6. Charice (Warner Music) – Charice [+1]
7. As Always (Polyeast Records) – Martin Nievera [NE]
8. The Classics Album (Universal Records) – Jed Madela [-6]
9. Juris (Star Records) – Juris [+4]
10. Other Side Of Down (Sony Music) – David Archuleta [NE]
11. Ultimate Collection (Star Records) – Charice [-3]
12. Christmas Dance-A-Thon Ver. 3.0 (Synergy Records) – Various Artists [=]
13. Have A Happy Reggae Christmas (Able Music} – Various Artists [NE]
14. Byahe (Universal Records) – Noel Cabangon [RE]
15. Full Blast Dance: Christmas Edition (Able Music) – Various Artists [+1]
16. Kidz Sing Along Collection (Ivory Records) – Various Artists [NE]

Top 10 Best Selling Foreign Albums: October 11 to 17
1. My Worlds (MCA Music) – Justin Bieber [=]
2. Charice (Warner Music) – Charice [+1]
3. Other Side Of Down (Sony Music) – David Archuleta [NE]
4. Lucifer: 2nd Album Version A/B (Universal Records) – SHINee [-2]
5. The Love Album (DYNA Music) – Jack Jones [NE]
6. A Year Without Rain (MCA Music) – Selena Gomez [=]
7. A Thousand Sun (Warner Music) – Linkin Park [NE]
8. Essential R and B Selection (Sony Music) – Various Artists [NE]
9. You’re The Inspiration (Warner Music) – David Foster [-4]
10. The Soul Provider: Best Of Michael Bolton (Sony Music) – Michael Bolton [NE]

[NE] New Chart Entry
[RE] Chart Re-Entry
[=] No Chart Movement
[+] Upward Chart Movement
[-] Downward Chart Movement


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