The song “One More Time” by Tree Bicycles couldn’t be more appropriate. Same goes for my blog header of Lee Min-Ho.

Boys Over Flowers, the hit Korean Drama, is re-airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 every Saturdays at 10am. The first episode (well parts of it anyway) just aired last October 23 so fans still have a long time to enjoy this show again.

This Korean Drama stars Goo Hye-Sun as Geum Jan-Di, the strong-willed and passionate daughter of a small dry-cleaners business. Jan-Di aspires to become a swimmer and continues to train hard (in a bath tub as she claims) even if her school does not have a swimming pool.

One day, Geum Jan-Di happens to save a student of Shin-hwa High School from committing suicide. Shin-hwa is the prestigious school for the elite (think gourmet food for lunch and designer clothes for uniforms). So when it suddenly opens its doors to Jan-Di as a sports scholar for swimming, she immediately has reservations about it.

Jan-Di discovers too late that her initial hesitation is justified. Shin-hwa is actually ruled by the F4, a closed circle of 4 young men from the most wealthy and powerful families in the country. This elite among the elite includes Kim Jun as Soo Wo-Bin , Kim Bum as So Yi-Jeong, Kim Hyun-Joong as Yoon Ji-Hoo, and Lee Min-Ho as Gu Jun-Pyo – the notorious leader of the group.

Geum Jan-Di’s life turns upside down when Gu Jun-Pyo and Yoon Ji-Hoo both develop an interest in her. Together with the rest of the F4, they experience one of the wildest and craziest misadventures in Korean Dramas that I have the pleasure of watching.

Ok, let me be the first to admit that this is NOT the best Korean Drama around. It’s messy, melodramatic, and overly complicated. But one thing that BOF has going is that it is extremely fun to watch! I initially resisted watching this because I found Gu Jun-Pyo’s hair ridiculous but then I gave it a shot and discovered how enjoyable it was.

It’s interesting to note that this Korean Drama is also an adaptation of Hana Yori Dango, the Japanese manga that is also the basis for Meteor Garden – the Taiwanese Drama that started the local Asian craze. I definitely think that the Korean version is waaaay better than the Taiwanese one. There’s just something in the way Min-Ho makes his role more light and sympathetic despite being such a spoiled brat which I didn’t see in Jerry Yan’s portrayal.

Thanks to iheartpink4ever for the video.


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  1. Jaypee says:

    Well, good news for BOF lovers.. But where’s Kim Bum’s Dream, Yoon Eun Hye’s Take Care of Agasshi, and Lee Min Ho’s Personal Taste?? It’s already 4th quarter of 2010.. common ABS-CBN, prove that you are “the first and true home of Asianovelas” 😆

  2. Jaypee says:

    Finally, Lord answered my prayers, Lee Min Ho’s “Perfect Match/Personal Taste” airs on 11/08 on Primetime Bida. I think it’s 10PM.. HOOORAY!! 😆

    • joon says:

      Totally second that Jaypee. I’ve been waiting for this as well. I was wondering how the script writers would inject their distinct touch to the dialogue. ^^

      And I’ll double-check the 10PM schedule. Will post about Perfect Match soon.


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