I just find it really interesting that QTV11 is re-airing My Husband’s Woman which originally aired on its sister company, GMA7. I feel this way because GMA7 also recently started the broadcast of Temptation of a Wife. Both share themes of a marriage shaken by the appearance of a mistress – although Temptation of a Wife pushes the concept much further with the attempted murder of the real wife.

In My Husband’s Woman, Bae Jong-Oak plays Rosario while Kim Sang-Joong acts as her husband Jerry. Rosario and Jerry were college sweethearts. However, Jerry’s parents have never accepted Rosario as a suitable daughter-in-law. This creates tension in their marriage despite the efforts of Rosario to give extra attention and care to her husband.

Things take a nasty turn when Rosario’s widowed friend Cassandra, comes into the picture. Played beautifully by Kim Hee-Ae, Cassandra is quite a tragic character because she carries the guilt of her husband’s death. Her husband was a Korean-American businessman who committed suicide because of her inability to bear children. She returns to Korea with all these psychological baggage. She eventually falls for Jerry and feels no guilt when she steals the husband of her friend.

If you just change the names of the characters, you’ll see how much the basic plot actually resembles that of Temptation of Wife. I think this theme has a natural ability to instantly connect with housewives all over. Perhaps that’s why there are many K-Dramas that play with this theme. It’s also notable that both of these dramas rated well in Korea and the Philippines.

As with Temptation of Wife, the characters are again too old for my taste (so I’m not a big fan of any of them). But please note that I think they are goooood. They make their characters quite sympathetic such that I even feel sorry for Cassandra at times (which is hard to begin with considering that she just stole her friend’s husband).

But what I really like about the local dubbed version of this drama is the theme song. By using “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” as sung powerfully by Marri Nallos, one really gets a feel for the drama’s sad theme.

Not my cup of tea but if you want another my-husband-cheated-me-by-making-out-with-a-hotter-woman-oh-poor-wifey-me, you can always catch this one every Saturday at 2pm.

Thanks to romu48 for the video.

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  1. aizel cho says:

    i love the theme song sarangha

  2. aizel cho says:

    i want played the sarangha theme song

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