As expected from most K-Pop albums in the Odyssey Chart, Lucifer by SHINee quickly drops a spot again to land at #5 this week. It becomes the only representative of K-Pop artists as Super Junior drops out of the chart.

Over-all Top 10 Albums: September 27 to October 10
1. The Magic Of David Foster & Friends (Warner Music) – Various Artists [NE]
2. Faithfully (Star Records) – Jovit Baldovino [-1]
3. My World (MCA Music) – Justin Bieber [RE]
4. The Classics Album (Universal Records) – Jed Madela [-2]
5. Lucifer (Universal Records) – SHINee [-1]
6. Middle-aged Juvenile Novelty (Universal Records) – Parokya Ni Edgar [-1]
7. Non-Stop Pilipino Christmas Medley: Aming Bati (AMII Music) – Various Artists [+2]
8. Charice (Warner Music) – Charice [-1]
9. Hands All Over (MCA Music) – Maroon 5 [NE]
10. Marvin Ong (Viva Records) – Marvin Ong [NE]

[NE] New Chart Entry
[RE] Chart Re-Entry
[=] No Chart Movement
[+] Upward Chart Movement
[-] Downward Chart Movement




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  1. Hi, Im doing a research paper on the phil music industry. Do you have a compiled list or excel file of the weekly top ten albums of 2010?

    Really appreciate any help.



    • joon says:

      I’d love to help you raymund. Unfortunately, I only tracked certain periods of the Odyssey Charts (those wherein K-Pop abums where on it). I suggest you contact Odyssey directly. I’m sure they would be glad to help.

      Good luck on your research. ^^

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