GMA7 is doing another rewind with the Korean Drama Shining Inheritance every weekdays at 10 am. The station has been known to do re-airings of popular K-Dramas so the return of Shining Inheritance doesn’t come as a total surprise as the drama reaped stellar ratings with its final episode hitting 23.7% in Mega Manila.

Now, fans of the drama and those who totally missed it can catch the unlikely love team of Inna (Han Hyo-Joo) and Juan (Lee Seung-Gi). Both have just come home from abroad and their twisted fates begin when they accidentally switch bags in the airport. When they initially meet to exchange bags, it is hate at first sight. They may appear to have similar well-to-do backgrounds but have completely different perspectives on life.

Inna is quite down-to-earth and thinks nothing of their family’s wealth. Her primary source of happiness is caring for her autistic younger brother Nono (Go Eu-Woo). However, when her father suddenly goes bankrupt and disappears in what appears to be an accidental death – her stepmother disappears and takes the insurance money with her brother Nono away.

The distraught Inna works hard as a waitress in the bar so that she can save enough money to continue her studies. All the while she continues working hard and searching for her brother. In the bar, she meets Francis (Bae Soo-Bin), a friend of an old suitor who helps her as much as he can. Inna eventually decides to stop being a waitress and start selling dumplings to finance her studies. It is during this time of selling dumplings that she meets an old lady on the street named Auria (Ban Hyo-Jong).

This lady turns out to be the grandmother of Juan, the self-centered arrogant rich kid who doesn’t want to work at all since he thinks he’s rich anyway. His grandmother has grown a soft-spot for the hard-working Inna and suddenly considers her as the new heiress of the family’s restaurant business after being extremely disappointed with Juan. This totally pisses Juan off, especially when Inna moves in with them.

But as they say, the more you hate, the more you love. And this is eventually what happens to these unlikely lovers.

As anyone can see from the synopsis of the drama, it is quite “romantic” in terms of how it presents life. No wonder it has been called a modern-day Cinderella story. However, aside from the fact that the newly poor Inna eventually becomes rich thanks to a not-a-fairy grandmother – I wouldn’t say the same.

Unlike Cinderella, Inna is used to a rich life. Her background makes her taste quite sophisticated. But what makes her character interesting and more lovable is how she seems oblivious to all this. This is why she doesn’t suffer as much when they lose their family’s wealth. It actually makes her ability to rise through the challenges of poverty quite believable.

Juan is no prince charming either. He is absolutely quite an ass in the beginning. In fact, he doesn’t want to work at all for anything. This characterization isn’t just a case of the hero being a bad boy. It’s actually integral to making the sudden recognition of Inna as an heiress believable. After all, not-so-fairy grandmother wouldn’t want her business to just waste away in her happy-go-lucky grandson’s hands.

All in all, Shining Inheritance really isn’t a groundbreaking drama in my opinion. But it is definitely an enjoyable ride. It gives an interesting and fun twist to the usual poor girl (Cinderella) meets rich boy (Prince Charming) angle.

No wonder it reaped acting honors in the 2009 SBS Drama Awards for Lee Seung Gi as Best Actor in a Special Planning Drama, Han Hyo Joo as Best Actress in a Special Planning Drama, as well as Best Couple for the two leads.

So if you missed this drama the first time around, this is definitely worth catching this time.

Thanks to The Jealous Orchard for the video.


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