If there is one Korean who can absolutely combine the best of Korean and Filipino culture, Ryan Bang has to be it. The 19 year-old, whose real name is Bang Hyun-Sung, was discovered thru the reality show Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 where he placed 2nd.

Since then, he has been one of the most visible faces on television among that batch of Pinoy Big Brother housemates. In fact, he is even slated to star in his own show on Studio 23 entitled 3oW PoWHz! which will start airing on October 4 at 9:30pm.

From the title alone, it already shows that this will be hilarious. The title is actually from “jejemon” lingo. This definitely fits the pop culture reference since the show is being packaged as a fun and first-hand account of Ryan Bang’s experiences with Filipino culture in Manila.

I definitely believe that Ryan Bang has the comedic timing to carry a show. I personally admire his self-deprecating humor. He never takes himself too seriously and always remains grounded. My parents are both Ryan Bang fans and they will definitely be delighted to know that their favorite Korean is actually making it big (They almost threw the remote at the TV when Ryan Bang did not win in PBB!).

If you’re not quite familiar with Ryan Bang, here are some hilarious quotable quotes from him that could rival even the “Melanisms” of Melanie Marquez.

On cooking:
The most important thing on cooking, you know what? You have to cook LILY slowly, you know why? We have to make them LILLY hunggily. So if I gave them any kind of food it would taste masarap. So cook LILLY…don’t hurry…

On how to look handsome:
What can I do? When you take shower, you use ferminine wash…whole month!

On truth and lies:
My mom said lying is bad. (To fellow housemate) You’re kind and you’re smart and you’re LILY good. You have warm heart pero…you’re LILY panget!

In fact, there are fans of Ryan who have even compiled his Ryanisms that include terms like:
1. Lily – Really
2. Lules – Rules
3. Whizzer – Whistle
4. ChiAr – CR
5. Telekom – Telephone
6. Beri – Very
7. Itchuki – It’s okay.
8. Shit – Sit

Hilarious! Isn’t he? And before some people think that his fans are being racists especially in making fun of his mispronounced words – do note that Filipinos love Ryan Bang. Perhaps it’s because his humor has a very Filipino heart. Instead of being ashamed of his pronunciation, he embraces it – and has fun with it.

On a lighter note, I have to make special mention of his singing and dancing skills.It definitely makes him deserving of his role as celebrity guest judge on the noontime dance show – Showtime.

With his abilities, he managed to revive “Chuvachoochoo,” the 90s pop culture phrase from Jolina Magdangal.

When it comes to whatever Ryan Bang does, I LILY LILY like!

Special thanks to fuckyeahryanbang for the info and funny quotes. Thanks also to abadabumchacha and McONse for the videos and to iamjhecoz for the photo.


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  1. gea says:

    wonderful excerpt..or article *_^ All of us including Ryan can not please everyone..some become fans, few haters, and the neutrals…
    im glad to be his fan and im pleased by his fame ^_^ i lily lily like Ryan Bang!

    • joon says:


      I wish Ryan Bang even more success. My family is glad when he proved that he is the bigger star even when he didn’t win PBB (which he should have!!!). Now, he has shows left and right~unlike what’s his name again?

      Anyway, let’s keep on LILY LILY supporting Ryan. ^^

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