There are actually a lot of K-Dramas being aired and re-aired right now. I’m sooo tempted to do a program schedule update for all of them but the constant shuffling of programs by networks just keeps me from doing it.

Among these K-Dramas is a little K-Drama called Glass Castle, which airs every 1:30pm from Mondays to Fridays on TV5. If you’re into Korean melodrama, this will definitely satisfy you. For one, it has 51 episodes (officially) – that means more episodes for you to watch instead of the usual 16 episodes that is the standard for most K-Dramas. And of course, it has so many twists that will keep you hooked if not give you a heart-attack.

Glass Castle revolves around the story of Angelu (Yoon Su-Yi) who comes from a poor family. All her life, she has had dreams of becoming a reporter. When she finally gets a job as a news correspondent, a series of misfortunes befell her – threatening her delicate career. Good thing, there’s Eugene Park (Kim Seung Soo) who has her back during these trying times. Eugene has always been there for Angelu, helping her get through whatever career problems she has. Because of his support, Angelu starts developing feelings for Eugene. However, she refuses to date him because he is a single dad with a daughter. After all, Angelu has dreams of making it big.

And big is exactly what Joshua (Lee Jin-Wook) brings into her life. As the dashingly handsome heir of a wealthy family, Joshua sweeps Angelu off her feet and quickly proposes after a whirlwind romance. Angelu becomes a modern-day Cinderella – envied by all her friends. But unknown to them, she actually realizes how unhappy she is with the life she has chosen. For not only do Joshua’s parents look down on her – they also refuse to let her pursue her dream of being a reporter!

Angelu rebels and eventually returns to her career. She also eventually discovers that Joshua actually has a son! This is quite an irony considering that she rejected Eugene for the same reason. So she finally decides to get a divorce – which Joshua agrees to out of love for her. But what she doesn’t know (here comes the major-major melodramatic twist) – is that the son isn’t actually Joshua’s!

This is definitely a gripping drama if you’re into all that twist and turns. I actually look forward to how Angelu will eventually react when she finds out the truth that Joshua was being truthful to her all this time. I think the core of this K-Drama is regret – and how people who try to keep on looking back and regretting things are the same people who don’t move forward and discover true happiness. Part of me wishes that this ends up as a tragedy (maybe with Angelu being alone and all, and Eugene and Joshua with other women) to make it more realistic and artistic. But I’m sure fans of this drama will kill me if that happens.

Thanks to rpoon15 for the video.


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  1. Jaypee says:

    joon, “Glass Castle” airs at 1:30-2PM, the 1PM slot is “First Wives Club” 🙂

    • joon says:

      Oh! Thanks for correcting that, Jaypee! I mix up the schedules sometimes. Ha ha ha! Which reminds me also, I plan on doing a post on First Wives Club. 🙂

  2. bonbon says:

    Based on my googling, the divorce is true and its kinda sad because I started to root for Joshua and Angelu to be together til the end. There are so many twist in this drama and its refreshing in a sense that you don’t get the impression that the story will be the same with the other k-dramas out there. Another thing about this drama is that it tackles the life of those women who are married to a chaebol (rich people) meaning what is their life after the marriage.

    • joon says:

      Yeah, I actually was tempted to finish watching this right away. I still haven’t finished this one because it’s a bit long so I don’t actually know the ending yet.

      I understand why you wanted Angelu and Joshua to be together until the end. Joshua seemed bad in the beginning of the marriage troubles but actually started to seem more human as the story progressed.

      But if the divorce does become final (and Angelu doesn’t end up with Eugene), I’ll still be satisfied since I think it is a more proper ending for Angelu to end up alone. Tragedies always make good stories in my opinion. 🙂

  3. daredevil says:

    I want Angelu to end up with Joshua..I didnt watch this yet,I wanna watch it cos it arouse my curiousity if hu will be her partner till d end.I searched it on youtube but I cant find any Glass Castle Ep1 or any part of this show.

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