Finally! Polyeast Records will be holding the first ever triple album launch entitled K-Pop Set this Saturday, September 25 from 10 am onwards.There will be two simultaneous venues for this event: Astroplus The Block and Odyssey SM Megamall.

Featured during this launch event are the albums Back To The Basic from Rain, Taiwan Special Edition from MBLAQ, and First Invasion from Infinite.

Rain’s Back To The Basic Mini-Album Asian Edition has been out in the market already since September 9. I’ve been complaining about the relative lack of promotions about this for awhile so I’m really glad that Polyeast Records will actually be including the album in the launch event. This might seem weird since it’s already available in selected record bars but I’m sure a lot of fans still have no idea that their favorite idol’s album is out there now.

The Taiwan Special Edition album from MBLAQ (Music Boys Live In Absolute Quality) is a very interesting addition to the launch roster since the boy band is actually under J.Tune Entertainment, the label of Rain. In fact, Rain even wrote, composed, produced, and choreographed the song “Y” which is part of the album.

The album was actually released in Taiwan to coincide with their visit to that country. The Taiwan Special Edition Album is actually composed of a CD with 10 tracks from their previous Just BLAQ and Y albums. Here is the track list:

1. 4 Ya Stereo
2. Oh Yeah
3. G.O.O.D. Luv
4. My Dream
5. Y
6. One Better Day
7. What U Want
8. Last Luv
9. Y (Instrumental)
10. One Better Day (Instrumental)

The Taiwan Special Edition from MLAQ also includes a DVD containing the official music videos of “Oh Yeah”, “G.O.O.D. Luv”, and “Y”.

A limited edition MBLAQ poster and MBLAQ photocards will be the freebie for those who will buy the Taiwan Special Edition album.

Just like MBLAQ, Infinite is another idol group with a famous producer behind it. Their album, First Invasion was actually produced by the genius of the indie hip-hop group Epik High. No wonder, their album Infinite isn’t the usual K-Pop album. It features a fusion of vintage rock and electronica to create a distinct sound all their own. This is most prominent in their single, “Come Back Again”.

The album is composed of just 6 tracks but this one is definitely a keeper if you ask me. It’s a refreshing addition to the usual K-Pop sound. Check out the track list below:

1. ∞  Infinite (Intro)
2. 다시 돌아와 (Come Back Again)
3. She’s Back
4. 날개 (Wings)
5. 붙박이 별 (Fixed Star)
6. 맡겨 (Entrust)

The first 200 fans who purchase the First Invasion Album will get a free exclusive Infinite Poster plus Infinite Button Pins.

In any case, I’ll try to keep everyone updated of any new development regarding this event.

Thanks to Polyeast Records for the photos.


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