Comedian and former Country Kko Kko vocalist, Shin Jung Hwan, was revealed to have faked dengue illness while staying in a Cebu Hospital. This was discovered by the crew of the SBS program Entertainment Tonight after visiting Cebu to investigate the news.

According to the doctor from the Cebu Hospital where Jung-Hwan was confined, medical testing showed that the singer-comedian was in normal health. He was discharged from the hospital last September 17.

This surprised the Korean media since Jung-Hwan had previously canceled his flight out of Cebu after missing several tapings for his shows. The actor arrived in Cebu for a vacation last August 25 then failed to appear for the tapings of his shows. What aggravated the outrage more was a photo posted by Jung-Hwan on his fan cafe site showing him on a hospital bed in what appeared to be a dire illness.

A week ago, Korean news have suggested that the actor missed his shows because he went on a gambling spree – leaving a lot of debts. The fake dengue bout created negative speculation that the actor pretended to be sick in order to gain sympathy and cover-up the issues about his gambling.

Jung-Hwan had previously been fired from the KBS show, “Star Golden Bell” after the issue about his gambling debt surfaced. The actor has also been fired from his past shows in 2005 with gambling being the main reason as well.

Thanks to Manila Bulletin for the photo.


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