I’ve been aware for some time that local channel QTV11 has been airing a Tagalog dubbed version of the Idol World Show by Super Junior T since June 14 every 6:30 pm. But I’ve never been a fan of dubbed shows much more a variety show so I always passed on this one despite my addiction for everything Korean.

I finally gave it a try a couple of days ago and saw the Palace T episode. Palace T is a parody of the show Princess Hours or Goong although there are also references to other dramas like Full House, Jewel In The Palace, and even Meteor Garden. I couldn’t find a video of the one aired on QTV11 so below is the English subbed version.

After watching the Tagalog-dubbed version, I realized that there are some elements of the program that remain funny even when translated especially when Super Junior T does parodies and dress up like girls. However, some parts really are very ridiculous especially when they are chatting among themselves since the humor just doesn’t translate. For example, the humor just seems so fake when you listen to the members doing a tongue-twister game when it is dubbed anyway.

This dubbed show is something I wouldn’t mind missing out on but would still enjoy watching on occasion. It’s better to stick to Tagalog-dubbed Korean dramas than trying to air dubbed versions of Korean variety shows. But for die-hard Super Junior fans, this is definitely worth catching.

Thanks to starmovideos and kamotehqu for the videos.


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