MCA Music has joined forces with four local K-Pop fan groups for the upcoming MCA Music K-Pop Celebration Event! This will feature 4Minute Philippines, BEAST Philippines, Big Bang Philippines, and Wonderful Philippines in what could be considered as the biggest tribute to their K-Pop idols.

It will be held at the SM Megamall Event Center Building A (where the skating rink was located before) from 10 am to 5 pm on September 4.

There are no details yet regarding the activities for the event but the highlight will be the 4Minute Hit Your Heart Mini-Album Launch. The 4Minute Launch Party initially had a conflicting schedule with Super Junior’s Bonamana Version C Launch Party as I pointed out HERE. It seems that my predictions were correct when I said that the 4Minute Mini-Album Launch would be rescheduled in favor of Super Junior – who is the more profitable K-Pop Artist (Just being realistic here, guys).

I hope 4Minute fans don’t take that negatively. As long as MCA Music still holds something really big – all is fair in K-Pop love. And I really expect 4Minute Philippines to prepare a killer program for everybody. So what I’m really wondering about is what’s in it for BEAST, Big Bang, and Wonder Girls fans? Freebies? Posters? Standees? Notebooks? Special Album Bundles? Contests?

I really think that the program should consider the interests of the other K-Pop fan groups involved. But I’ll reserve further comments until more details about the event are released.

Thanks to Astroplus for the photo and info.


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