Song Seung-Hoon returns to GMA7 with the debut of East Of Eden at 9:30pm tonight. The actor first gained a local following as Johnny in the hit K-Drama Endless Love Autumn In My Heart opposite Song Hye-Kyo (who played Jenny).

Coincidentally, the time slot of East Of Eden is right after the local adaptation of Endless Love Autumn In My Heart starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

East of Eden is about the twisted fates of Frederick Lee (Song Seung-Hoon) and Darren Shin (Park Hae-Jin). A young Frederick witnessed his father’s murder in the hands of Darren’s father, Tyrone Shin (Jo Min-Ki). Since then he has vowed revenge on Tyrone Shin. Helping Frederick out is his younger brother, Alfred (Yun Jung-Hoon), who grows up to be a prosecutor to avenge their father. Along the way, they utilize all the means necessary to accomplish this goal – even to the point of using other people. However, all their plans are put to the ultimate test when they discover that Alfred Lee is actually the son of Tyrone Shin while Darren Shin is really the younger brother of Frederick Lee.

It’s funny how this drama is being portrayed by GMA7 as the most controversial drama of 2008. After all, this is one of the most star-studded dramas ever with a line-up that also includes Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers) and Lee Dae-Hae (My Girl) among others. No wonder, production was also quite expensive at 25 million won.

But what really made East Of Eden receive a lot of controversy was when Lee Dae-Hae (My Girl) dropped out of the series due to concerns about her character’s development. The media spotlight on East Of Eden also intensified when it eventually won 17 MBC Drama Awards.

Locally though, most of the controversy has been from fans who question the use of Aljur Abrenica’s rendition of “Beauty and Madness” for the K-Drama’s theme song locally. What do you think?

Thanks to JacquesDurias2010 for the fan video.


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