As I was updating the Events Page in this blog, I noticed that an upcoming showdown may soon unfold. It seems that the 4Minute Hit Your Heart Mini-Album Launch Party and the Super Junior Bonamana Version C Album Launch Party are both scheduled for August 28.

This is based on dates posted by Universal Music and 4MinutePH. Actually, the date for the 4Minute event was posted before the Super Junior event. But I have a feeling that the 4Minute event will be rescheduled considering that the albums of both artists are under the Universal Music Group and Super Junior is “more profitable” (with four #1 albums and 1 Gold Record) locally in terms of album sales.

It’s also important note that these album launch parties are usually held in the top three Records Bars in the country – Odyssey, Astroplus/Astrovision, and Music One. So it will be impractical to have these events on the same date.

Considering all these, I’ll try to confirm the details for everyone’s convenience.


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  1. […] a conflicting schedule with Super Junior’s Bonamana Version C Launch Party as I pointed out HERE. It seems that my predictions were correct when I said that the 4Minute Mini-Album Launch would be […]

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