In a recent interview with ABS-CBN Host Bianca Gonzales during the launch of LG Optimus in Singapore, Lee Min-Ho revealed that he actually wants to meet his fans in the Philippines if not for his busy schedule.

“The truth is I really wanted to visit the Philippines. If not for my busy schedules, I will go there tomorrow. There are people who were inviting me to go there. So I really hope that I could also visit and see your country,” Min-Ho said.

The Korean actor became even more interested to see the Philippines after his fellow Boys Over Flowers star, Kim Bum, shared his experiences when he visited to shoot an ad campaign for RC Cola.

“Yes, Kim Bum told me that he had a great experience in your country that’s why I’m hoping that I could go there. I’m sure I will enjoy my stay there,” the Korean star said.

Min-Ho gained a strong local following in the Philippines after playing the rich Gu Jun-Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers” that aired on ABS-CBN2. Now he returns to the channel thru the new Korean drama, “Perfect Match” (originally entitled Personal Taste in Korean).

In this drama, Min-Ho plays an architect who gets mistaken for a gay guy. Because of certain circumstances, he ends up pretending to be one. However, this complicates things when he realizes that he might be falling in love with a woman who thinks he is gay.

Thanks to 1313meow for the video.

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