The rising Korean R&B group, One Way, recently jammed with popular local balladeer Christian Bautista for their debut album – Magic.

Christian Bautista is featured in their song, “Wrong Number”, which is exclusively included as one of the 3 bonus tracks in the Philippine Edition of their album. The R&B collaboration surprised many local fans considering that the Filipino artist is popular for singing ballads and easy listening songs.

But Chance, the leader of One Way, revealed that they considered Christian Bautista’s music as a good blend to their own sound after hearing samples of recordings from different Filipino artists.

“Me personally, I really like his voice,” said Chance. “I think it’s not like a common song and we love something like that. We love something that’s somewhat different and unique.”

The group was so impressed by the local singer that Christian Bautista even appeared as a surprise performer in their recent Manila Mall Concerts and in their TV guesting on the Sunday variety show, ASAP, aired on ABS-CBN2.

This is definitely a good step for more collaboration between Filipino and Korean artists. And One Way holds the distinction of being one of the first if not the first to lead the way.

Thanks to Starmometer for the video.


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