Fans of Lee Young-Ae, more popularly known for her role as “Jang-Geum” in the hit drama Jewel In the Palace (Dae Jang-Geum), will surely be excited to know that the actress is 4-months pregnant with her first baby. The gender of the baby is still unknown although representatives of Lee Young-Ae say that the family of actress is very happy about the news.

Last year, Lee Young-Ae took a break from her career to marry her 55 year-old Korean-American boyfriend in Hawaii. Since then, the 39 year-old actress has remained active in promoting Korean culture but is yet to return to the limelight although she has continued being active in shooting commercials or CFs.

It can be recalled that Jewel In The Palace was one of the highest rating Korean dramas during its airing locally so she enjoys a huge fan base in the Philippines (my mom and my sister being part of them). The K-Drama even enjoyed ratings beyond 30% which remained unsurpassed until the major hit My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon was aired.

In fact, even “Pangarap Na Bituin” – the theme song sang by Faith Cuneta for the local dubbed version of the drama – became a significant success and enjoyed massive airplay on radio stations.


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