Watch out for this Kapamilyanovela on ABS-CBN soon! I just finished watching this and I have to say, this is one of the more enjoyable Korean Dramas this year second only to Smile Honey.  I’ll adjust the names of the characters once the dubbed version on ABS-CBN comes out. There is still no definite schedule for the airing of this but I assure you, this is waaay better than Boys Over Flowers (which was surprisingly good as well).

At the center of everything is an old house that Park Kae-In’s (Son Ye-Jin) father built. Jeon Jin-Ho (Lee Min-Ho) takes advantage of Kae-In’s silly assumption that he is gay (Of course, a lot of previous hilarious situations create this wrong assumption). This is so that he can rent a room in the old house and study it for a major architectural design competition.

It so happens that Jin-Ho’s main competitor in this project is Kae-in’s ex-boyfriend, Han Chang-Ryul (Kim Ji-Suk). Chang-Ryul is a total ass who dumped Kae-In to hook up with her hot bestfriend, Kim In-Hee (Wang Ji-Hye).

Empathizing with Kae-In, Jin-Ho helps her bounce back from her break-up phase. Slowly, both of them start to develop feelings from each other after “living together” for too long.

But there are two major problems in their way – how will Jin-Ho admit that he isn’t gay? and will Kae-In forgive her for abusing her trust?

Definitely a must-watch! Son Ye-Jin is great as always and Lee Min-Ho is shaping up to be a major lead actor. Their chemistry alone makes this worth watching in one go. If you thought Lee Min-Ho was fantastic in Boys Over Flowers, then you’ll be very satisfied with his performance here.

The support cast is also good and the development of the characters are quite interesting. There is also a balance in the motivations and personality of each character (so no one is truly evil except for In-Hee, I think).

The plot is solid although there are a couple of dragging moments (because of the architectural handle) but all in all – still cohesive and fast-paced. Twists are surprising but not absurd while dialogues are crisp and snappy. It touches on the Coffee Prince territory but gives it a fresh approach. When Jin-Ho becomes Kae-In’s bestfriend, it isn’t too far-fetched since girls always have that ambiguous “guy” friend. And they hook-up not because of random circumstances but because both of them wants to take advantage of the other (Jin-Ho wants access to Kae-In’s house while Kae-In wants Jin-Ho’s money).

Plus a cameo by Eun Yoon-He from Coffee Prince adds a sincere homage to the hit drama that made the “gay” angle popular.


Thanks to kapamilyanovelas for the photo.


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