Let’s take this moment to remember Park Yong-Ha who played Raymond in the K-Drama, “Endless Love II: Winter Sonata”.

According to news reports from Yonhap, the 33 year-old actor was found dead in his room yesterday in what appeared to be a suicide. He was discovered hanging by the cord of his mobile phone charger.

The actor was reported to have gone to his room at 12:40 am after massaging the legs of his father, who is suffering from terminal stomach cancer. He was said to have been repeatedly saying “I’m sorry” to his father and his family.

Park Yong-Ha holds a special place in Filipino hearts after his sensitive and honest portrayal of Raymond in the mega-hit, Winter Sonata. Bae Yong-Joon (Jun) and Choi Ji-Woo (Janice) may have been the heart of this drama that really dominated the ratings but without the part of Raymond played by Park Yong-Ha, it would never have been the same.

My mom will surely take this news sadly since she is a big fan of the K-Drama and its cast. Raymond, you will surely be missed.

Thanks to ladylaila for the photo.


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