If you love Korean stuff, you’ll definitely love this contest from Oishi Gourmet Picks. The only Potato Chips with Kimchi flavor in the local market now gives you a chance to win a Samsung Omnia HD i8910 Mobile Phone (which also happens to be Korean!).

All you need to do is shoot a jpeg photo of yourself with a pack of Oishi Kimchi Gourmet Picks. The photo must have a Korean theme so you can really go wild with this – a K-Drama look, K-Movie look, or even a K-Pop look! The photos cannot be digitally enhanced (meaning: no Photoshop!) so you really need to dress up and use props for this contest. Which should be no challenge to all our K-Pop fans (I bet you all still have those black Girls Generation outfits from the Black Soshi Day!)

I think there are also some “minor” prizes up for grabs for the most cutie pose, most exquisite pout, most dramatic photo, most colorful outfit, most exquisite background, most exquisite style, most yummy product consumption, most funny portrait, and even the most accurate costume design!

This is definitely a fun contest and you can upload as many entries as you can so I suggest you join now! Last day of submission is 12 noon of August 27, 2010! Start uploading today!

For complete details, check out http://www.oishigourmetpicks.com/promo.php

Thanks to oishigourmetpicks for the photo and info!


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  1. oishi says:

    hi joon! thanks for blogging about our online contest 🙂 actually, you can send in photos that have photoshopped backgrounds, but the packs should be real 🙂 hope to see your entry soon 😉

  2. […] If you think you can do much better, you can still join the Oishi Gourmet Picks Contest. For details visit my previous post HERE […]

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