Debuting tonight at MYX Music Channel is this new group brought by Universal Records. Their first video to be aired in the Philippines is entitled “Magic”, a groovy and upbeat song that has a palpable international feel to it. Their sound is being categorized under K-Pop but personally I think they fit the Hip-Hop/R&B mold more.

The relatively new group is composed of Chance, Peter, and Young Sky. The trio provides a sound that is definitely refreshing considering the other groups currently in mainstream K-Pop. The influences from Western acts like Usher and Ne-Yo is very evident not just in their music but even in their personal style (especially in this music video). In fact, they even posted a cover of “Sexy Love” by Ne-Yo on their official youtube site.

I’m not totally convinced yet that I love their sound – it’s a bit too Western for me. But I do love it when they sing covers of Western songs. Call it weird but their music is still okay but not mind-blowing great if you ask me.

Title: Magic
Album: One Way Street
Artist: One Way
Genre: K-Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B

Thanks to onewayonesound for the video and asian-kpop for the album cover. >:)


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