After doing a very successful spotlight on actor Jung Kyung-Ho who played Arnold Kang in Smile Honey, I now give you a piece on Lee Min-Jung who played Jasmine Seo. Many viewers may find Lee Min-Jung vaguely familiar. That’s because she actually played a small part as the ex-girlfriend of Lee Min-Ho in the hit K-drama Boys Over Flowers.

Smile Honey is actually the first leading role of the model turned actress. However, she has acted in supported roles in several K-dramas before. Aside from Boys Over Flowers, these include lesser known titles like Who Are You?, Kimcheed Radish Cubes, Love Me When You Can, and Love Sympathy.

I have yet to see any of Lee Min-Jung’s other K-dramas (since I wasn’t really hooked on Boys Over Flowers) or her movies. But apparently she has done several movies such as Cyrano Agency, White Night, Searching For The Elephant, Pruning The Grapevine, Moodoori, and Someone Special.

But what I find really interesting is how Lee Min-Jung actually starred with Jung Kyung-Ho in two music videos. The Smile Honey couple was featured in the two-part music video by Zia for “Violin” and “A Man’s Love”. I can’t find a complete upload of the music video on youtube but here are two compiled versions.

Lee Min-Jung is also a very popular CF (advertising commercial) model, having been the face of several brands. She has also been with Jung Kyung-Ho in the Dewoo commercial for the car they developed in “Smile Honey” which I posted HERE. Recently, Lee Min-Jung was also featured in the MindBridge ad campaign with Coffee Prince star, Gong Yoo.

Personally, I don’t think Lee Min-Jung is a great actress – yet. But she has one superb talent going for her. More than her acting ability, what she has is that innate charm and honesty in how she makes relationships with other characters believable. Regardless of who her partner in a scene is, she makes the dynamics of her character’s relationships with them come alive. In short, she has the power of chemistry with anyone – not just men but even women she acts with.

Here is her filmography:

Smile Honey (2009-2010)
Boys Over Flowers (2009-2010)
Who Are You? (2008)
Kimcheed Radish Cubes (2007-2008)
Love Me When You Can (2006-2007)
Love and Sympathy (2005)

Cyrano Agency (2010)
White Night (2009)
Searching For The Elephant (2009)
Pruning The Grapevine (2007)
Moodori (2006)
Someone Special (2004)

Violin by Zia (2007)
A Man’s Love by Yoon Hyeok (2007)
Like A Man by Fly To The Sky (2006)
Blood by Fly to the Sky (2006)

Daewoo Matiz Creative (2010)
MindBridge (2010)
SCINIC Cosmetics (2009)
SPC Group, Happy Point Card (2009)
Sony Xperia (2009)
Make Up Forever (2009)
Tommy Hilfiger Jeans (2009)
Sony Ericsson (2009)
Omphalos (2008)

Thanks to sooinlove0 for the videos!


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  1. pau_lhen says:

    anyong haseyo….im one of ur followers in the phillppines….keep up the good work.,., i love lee min jung..,.,.,,jasmine and jae kyung….

  2. Mark says:

    I really love her. I never have fallen for an actress like this before. Thanks for her clips.

  3. jasmin says:

    …♥♥ hi really love smile honey!…♥♥

  4. josil mae says:

    oh my god lee min jung is so beautiful

  5. syrene sanchez says:

    hello im the fan of smile honey i wish that you and jung kyung ho have again a koreanovela in abs-cbn i want to be your young friend so please grant my wish.

  6. joon25 says:

    I started watching Boys Over Flowers over the weekend just to see Lee Min-Jung there. And yes, she was adorable! She’s very pretty with short hair. She really knows how to do that spoiled rich girl role without being irritating. What’s funny is that her character there reminds me a lot of her character as Jasmine Seo in Smile Honey. Except for the fact that she’s like an action star in Boys Over Flowers. LOL >:)

  7. christine says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jhen says:

    i love that characters !!

  9. rustom says:

    390 × 854 – 61k – jpg maganda ang smile honey si arnold kang jasmine seo hanzel lyka joey bolter amando gusto ko kayo punta d2 sa metro manila baba ka mulawin tanong m pangalan ko rustom aragon k

  10. ferica says:

    OMG how can i get over them? LMJ and JKH why am I soooo addicted to you guys!? im dying to see you get married in reaL Life! waaaahhhh!!!!

  11. elbert says:

    i want lee min jung to become my friend

  12. rico says:

    wow im so ????????????????????/
    i cant say because it so very very very very beautiful
    i hope that u have many movies ^_^
    its only me rico f carcellar
    from phillippines

  13. cancerb says:

    She has such a preety smile,.. and a lovely laugh that when i heard her laughing im also laughing eventhough i dont know what im laughing about..LOL..

    Thanks for the info,..

  14. jaina says:

    sana po magkaroon ng compost disk ng smile honey plzzzzzzzz…

  15. calicajur says:


  16. calicajur says:


    • Jaypee says:

      according to their management profile, Jung Kyung Ho is 6 ft. in height and Lee Min Jung is 5’7.. Real life couple?? The answer is “maybe yes or maybe no” but they are very close friends.. 😆

  17. flor says:

    lee min ho and jun kyung ho are very perfect match……..wat a beautiful tandem……nce…

  18. xiadfreaky says:

    whooaw. i had a girl crush on lee min jung!hahaha xd
    i finished up smile,you recently. i get to watch a few episodes in TV5 but for some reason i quit watching it. just last week i decided to give it a try and boy, was i ever glad! i almost missed this drama!
    it was sooo good from beginning to end. and now i’m digging every jung kyung ho and lee min jung related articles/dramas/flicks- anything that i can get hold on to. crazy me! that explains why i stumbled upon this blog. thanks much for ur posts! :)))

    • joon 준 says:

      Smile Honey, and that includes Lee Min-Jung and Jung Kyung-Ho, is the most popular topic on my blog. Wel, at least, it’s one of the most popular since before. There are a lot of people who love Lee Min-Jung and Jung Kyung-Ho around here so I’m glad to meet another one of their new fans. ^^

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