After being treated to the super spectacular concerts from Super Junior and U-Kiss, Filipino K-Pop fans will next enjoy the show of BEAST and SS501 leader Kim Hyun-Joong. The K-Pop artists are flying in to the country for a show in Araneta Coliseum entitled “K-Pop meets P-Pop” this Saturday, June 19.

Kim Hyun-Joong holds a special place in the hearts of Filipino fans after his portrayal of Yoon Ji-Ho in Boys Over Flowers. He also leads the K-Pop group SS501 which has a solid popularity in the country, with their song “Love Like This” being a hit in the MYX Hit Charts.

Meanwhile, BEAST may seem like a relatively new boy band to the country. But it has attracted a steadily growing following. In fact, their video, “Shock” even penetrated the Top 20 of the MYX Music Chart.

The concert will also feature the K-Pop inspired girl groups, Pop Girls, and the boy band, XLR8. They’re supposed to represent P-Pop but I’m not so gung-ho about them so I’ll just reserve my comments.

On a more positive note, the concert actually has a charity aspect, which is so Filipino by the way, as it will be for the benefit of young mothers from the Abiertas House of Friendship. It’s just sad that the promotions for this event hasn’t really been that solid.

Tickets are available from Ticketnet but online reservations are no longer accepted as of this post. They are priced at P7840 for Patron VIP, P6720 for Patron, P4480 for the Lower Box, P3360 for the Upper Box A, P1680 for Upper Box B, and P784 for General Admission.

Thanks to Viva Entertainment for the info and photo.


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