I just saw the recent AGB People’s Ratings for Mega Manila and noticed that the K-Drama Queen Seon Deok has edged out Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash by 2.2%. Queen Seon Deok garnered an 11.9% audience share while Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash got a 9.7% audience share.

The People’s Ratings was established by AGB in partnership with GMA and reflects the ratings based on an audience of 480 homes.  A permanent GPS system was installed in these homes to provide continuous and fast ratings results. This may bother some ABS-CBN fans but I have checked the overall ratings and it seems that the lead of Queen Seon-Deok is legitimate. The trending of the figures are the same with the major ratings list released by AGB and Nielsen.

Queen Seon Deok currently airs at GMA7 every weekdays at 11pm. This historical epic stars Lee Yo-Won as the first female ruler of the Shilla Kingdom. Not only is this a major hit in Korea, reaching ratings of 40%, it is also a highly-acclaimed drama in the Baeksang Art Awards and MBC Drama Awards.


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