I truly apologize to everyone for not being able to post any music video in a while. Here is one from Super Junior that definitely needs special mention.

“Bonamana” is the highly anticipated new music video of the Korean boyband, Super Junior. In fact, K-Pop fans have been so excited about it that it has already debuted at #8 of the MYX Music Chart which I just posted HERE. This was after it just first aired in Asian MYX last May 27!

The “Bonamana” music video is a visual spectacle of arresting, high contrast images. Its use of a swinging spotlight from above each of Super Junior’s members creates an intriguing and exciting mood reminiscent of interrogation scenes. The treatment of the video that includes multiple overlaying frames even borders on the gritty and jagged touch commonly seen in Korean indie-rock videos. This is in perfect combination with the electronically enhanced sound of Super Junior’s “Bonamana” that is accentuated by powerful synthesized beats.

As usual, Super Junior gives a flawless performance in synchronized vignettes that showcase the group’s incredible dancing ability. The choreography is perfect as it creates  symmetrical illusion of patterns through the steps and positions of each Super Junior member.

I’ve seen a lot of Super Junior music videos and I’ve got to admit this is my favorite by far.

Title: Bonamana
Album: Bonamana
Artist: Super Junior
Genre: K-Pop

Thanks to Universal Records for the photo and to sment for the video! >:)

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  1. […] After its massive debut at #8 in the MYX Overall Hit Chart and #7 in the MYX International Charts which I posted HERE, “Bonamana” by Super Junior surges all the way to the top. I knew this video has a huge potential to be a really big hit not just because it’s Super Junior but because the video is really good as I mentioned HERE. […]

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