Viva Entertainment recently introduced Pop Girls, a singing and dancing girl group who seem pretty much inspired by the K-Pop Girl Groups that invaded the Philippine music scene (i.e. 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, etc.). Pop Girls is composed of Lai, Mar, Nadine, Rose, and Schai – five pretty girls who aspire to create a niche in the local music industry.

After hearing their first song, “Crushy Crushy”, I can definitely sense the strong K-Pop influence of this group. With prominent synthesizers serving as the beat, this song has a light and bubbly melody. The mood of the song is quite fun and playful, just like K-Pop songs, and there is a strong potential to be quite infectious.It captures the vibrancy of youth in a colorful harmony of sounds.

However, the flimsy lyrics seem to hold back the song from being good. It just doesn’t have any sense aside from talking about teen angst in a light tone. And there is no memorable lyrics that sticks in your head. The voices of the girls also do not blend well. They just seem to be singing in the same tone all throughout. Forget about harmonies and voicing – this is just one massive chorus (and it’s no choir either).

I’m also not a fan of their styling. They seem to be trying too hard to imitate K-Pop Artists. But they look like a mess because their stylists did not seem to have considered that K-Pop styling is about looking good through the complementary use of bold colors and patterns – not by piling on layer after layer of fabric and accessories.

I heard that Pop Girls is launching a 13-track debut album soon. But from the sound of “Crushy, Crushy” – this might be an epic fail in the making. I’ve met Boss Vic Del Rosario for a project with Sarah Geronimo before and I admire him for what he has done for the career of stars like her, but this one is totally way off.


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