After noticing the growing popularity of Smile Honey on this blog, I decided to do a quick piece on Jung Kyung-Ho, the Korean actor who plays Arnold Kang. For Philippine audiences, Jung Kyung-Ho may seem like a new face. But the 27 year-old actor who was born on August 31, 1983, actually started out in a mobile phone drama entitled “5 stars” way back in 2007.

Jung Kyung-Ho is actually the son of the famous director, Jung Eul-Young. Early on there were intrigues that he used his father’s influence to get roles – but unknown to many, his father actually dissuaded him from entering show business. In fact, Jung Kyung-Ho’s father was not aware of his entering Theater & Film in Joong Ang University. This caused a rift in their relationship to the point wherein they didn’t see each other for 4 years.

Since then, Jung Kyung-Ho has made up with his dad (after proving his passion for his career) and has even amassed a good mix of roles on TV and on the movie screen. These include TV drama roles that range from being a prince in the historical epic “Princess Ja Myung Go”, a secret agent in the action drama “Time Between Dog and Wolf”, to a famous Korean singer in the tragedy “Sorry, I Love You”.

Smile Honey has been Jung Kyung-Ho biggest hit so far. In an interview, he revealed that the character of Arnold Kang (Kang Hyun-Soo) is actually quite close to his real personality. This drama even gave him the 2009 SBS Drama Award for Best PD.

As for his movies, I’ve only seen two of them so far: Herb and Gangster High. But I have to say that he delivers a good performance in both.

In Herb, Jung Kyung-Ho plays a young policeman who falls in love with a mentally challenged girl. He gives a sensitive and endearing portrayal of his role and makes falling in love with a mentally challenged girl actually believable. His portrayal here actually reminds me a bit of his character in Smile Honey. No wonder, his performance here won him the Best Newcomer Award in the 15th Chunsa Film Festival.

But I have to admit that my favorite Jung Kyung-Ho movie would have to be Gangster High (which happens to be one of my favorite Korean movies as well). Here he plays the role of a leader of a football club in school that gets involved in a gang war.

I love how he shows the transformation of his character from being a simple model student to a gang leader who massacres the opposing gang when one of his football club members become seriously hurt. This movie proves that Jung Kyung-Ho actually has the potential and the talent to be a major dramatic Korean actor.

Jung Kyung-Ho has also starred in two music videos including “Confession” by 4Men which I posted HERE.

Here is the list of Jung Kyung-Ho’s filmography:

Smile Honey (2009-2010)
Princess Ja Myung-Go (2009)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)
My Sweetheart, My Darling (2005)
Sorry, I Love You (2004)
Sweet 18 (2004)
You’re Gonna Know (2004)

Runaway Turtle (2008)
Someone Dear Is Far Away (2008)
For Eternal Hearts (2007)
Herb (2007)
Gangster High (2006)
When Romance Meets Destiny (2005)
My Lovely Week (2005)

Violin by Zia (2007)
Confession by 4men (2006)

Hanjin Delivery Service (2010)
Daewoo Matiz Creative (2010)
SK Telecom (2008)

Jung Kyung-Ho is under the management of SidusHQ, the entertainment company that handles the careers of actors like Gong Yoo (from Coffee Prince) and Jo In-Sung (from What Happened In Bali).

Thanks to Ann2006 and MoonliteHeartilly for the videos. >:)

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  1. mariel jodie catabay says:

    ang galing naman! dami mong info about Jung Kyung-Ho.. nakilala ko xa sa smile honey sa tv5 kaya naging popular xa for me.. ang galing nya nga umarte dun at ang cute nya pa.. sana maging gumanda pa lalo ang career nya.. fan nya na ako at someday makapunta sya ng Pilipinas.. at sana maging one of the best Korean Drama Actor xa ng bansa nila.. More Lucks for him ^_^

    • joon25 says:

      Thanks! I’m happy that you really appreciated this spotlight on him. I plan to do one on Jasmine (Lee Min Jung) as well. I just need to see more of the things she has done so that I can give a proper introduction about her.

      Keep supporting Jung Kyung-Ho! He’s one of the best actors I know from Korea. Aja-aja! 🙂

  2. margareth says:

    pwede bang makahinge ng pholos ni arnold kang and ni jasmine soo..plzzzzzzzz

  3. margareth says:

    pwede bang makahinge ng photos ni ardnold kang and jasmine soo. paki lagay nman sa face book ko plz.

  4. Cylynn says:

    I love Arnold Kang and Jasmine Soo , alam mo ba yung sa Boys Over Flowers . yung monkey gurl na tinatawag ni Jun Pyo.. si Jasmine Soo yon 🙂

  5. Cylynn says:

    P.S, DESKTOP BACKGROUND KO NA nGA Si Jung Kyung-Ho HAHA SUPER LOVE ko sYA !!! 🙂 yun lang..

  6. annalee says:

    ganda naman nito

  7. jhade says:

    kapogi m tlga

  8. judyann ocon says:

    !!!crush qoe tlga c arnold kau 4 me!!

  9. ann says:

    wow ! he was so awesome .. grv naun qu lan xah nkita peuh gustong gusto qu n xah d` he act .. galing .. ^0^

  10. Kim says:

    Thank’s for sharing info. about Jung Kyung-Ho. I really loved watching Smile Honey. Super ganda.. ^_^
    Lav it!!

  11. mianzel says:

    super i love him..
    that’s all coz im speechless..

  12. cancerb says:

    Hi, thanks for making this article, coz im a huge fans of Smile,You,..
    Btw JKH didnt play in both Harvest Villa or 101st proposal, its the other actor also named Jung Kyung Ho..

    • joon25 says:

      You’re absolutely right. Thanks for correcting that. I’ll make the necessary corrections. You’re definitely a good fan of Jung Kyung-Ho. 🙂

  13. karen says:

    i so so so loooove him :))
    it started when i watched him in smile you
    he’s really adorable there ♥

  14. claire says:

    wewewewewe…… ang cute!!

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