Here is the debut video of Pop Girls, the new K-Pop Girl Group from Viva Entertainment. I’m not a fan of the group or the video, but just watch it to know why.

If this is what P-Pop or Pinoy Pop will be, I’d rather stick to K-Pop. This group is definitely a far way off from 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, or any of the other K-Pop groups that they seem to be trying badly to imitate.

Thanks to S6Flipto for the video.


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  1. quoted: “the new K-Pop Girl Group from Viva Entertainment.” no it’s not a k-pop group…

    but i agree … it’s not that good…

    anyways …the new p-pop group xlr8 it’s a boyband i’m liking it

    • joon25 says:

      You have a valid point. But listening to their songs and looking at their style, I see nothing “Pinoy”. They try very hard (and fail) to sound like K-Pop, that’s why I called them as such. LOL

      I was supposed to do a post on xlr8. And yes, they are much better in terms of sound. Although, I still can’t get over the bad Pinoy lyrics. I wish they had better writing (or writers) – otherwise, they will never be able to start a new trend. 🙂

      • But i think, if i can’t understand the lyrics… (btw, i’m a k-pop, j-pop, mando-pop fan plus a bit p-pop just xlr8)

        i will have nothing against them LOL XD

        coz maybe, the reason why i liked asian pop music aside OPM is coz im interested and curious to those lyrics i dun understand … I just thought ^^ XD

        sorry ,, i have crazy thoughts

  2. joon25 says:

    I totally agree. Sometimes, knowing what the lyrics actually mean can ruin a song. I know a bit of Korean (Hangul) but not enough to understand everything. But I do appreciate the melody, musical arrangement, vocals, style, and even the rhyme of the lyrics.

    Who knows? xlr8 may evolve into a better group. Sometimes, it takes a few mistakes to find the right sound for an artist. 🙂

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