The “Smile Honey” stars Jung Kyung-Ho (who plays Arnold Kang) and Lee Min Jung (who plays Jasmine Seo) actually teamed up for these series of TV Commercials or CFs for the Matix Creative car model from Daewoo. In fact, they were even named as honorary employees of the company when they were introduced as its official endorsers last February.

(Spoiler alert!) This car is actually the same model as the one that their characters, Jasmine and Arnold, helped design in the drama. It can be recalled that Arnold Kang is actually a professional automotive engineer in “Smile Honey”.

After seeing the growing number of hits in my post about “Smile Honey” which I posted HERE, I decided to dig up this old news. I’m sure most of the Filipino fans of the “Smile Honey” couple would be glad to know that they received offers for TV commercials even before the drama packed up. Lee Min Jung especially has received numerous offers for TV commercials after her role in Smile Honey.

Thanks to sooinlive0 for the videos! >:)


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  1. […] Kyung-Ho in the Dewoo commercial for the car they developed in “Smile Honey” which I posted HERE. Recently, Lee Min-Jung was also featured in the MindBridge ad campaign with Coffee Prince star, […]

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