Through its blog, Universal Records Philippines has confirmed that it will be releasing the mini-album of f(x) locally. This girl band from SM Entertainment just debuted last year as “Asia’s Pop Dance Group” but has already released several singles, including “La Cha Ta” (라차타), Chocolate Love, “Chu~♡” (츄~♡), “Thrill Love”, and “I Love You, I Love You”.

Their first mini-album, “NU ABO” (NU 예삐오) has six tracks including “NU 예삐오” (NU ABO), “Mr. Boogie”, “Ice Cream” (아이스크림), ME+U, “Surprise Party”, and “Sorry (Dear Daddy)”.

There are no details yet when the album will be released in the Philippines so I’ll update you when Universal Records gives a more definite date and launch plan (which includes tying up with local fan group Perf(x)tion Philippines).

Thanks to Universal Records for the info.


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