Universal Records is releasing special “Run Devil Run” Bundle Deals during the Black Soshi Day this coming Saturday, May 22. The bundles include the new “Run Devil Run” plus an old Girls Generation album plus all 9 posters of the images you see above and more!

There are three bundles to choose from:

  • Run Devil Run (Php500) + Gee (P350)
  • Run Devil Run (Php500) + Genie (P350)
  • Run Devil Run (Php500) + Oh! (Php500)

Each of the bundles come with ten (10) free unfolded Girls Generation posters plus two (2) Girls Generation thank you cards which may be claimed after paying for the bundles by presenting your receipt at the redemption area.

I really suggest that you hurry and arrive early at the venue since only the first 200 buyers in each of the participating record bars will get the freebie posters and thank you cards. After the event, buyers of the “Run Devil Run” CD will only be able to get 1 random folded solo poster and 1 random thank you card.

Thanks to Universal Records for the infos and photos.

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