I hate to post twice about the same topic but after seeing Smile Honey last Saturday, I think it deserves more than the casual mention that I gave it in HERE.

Smile Honey is currently dubbed in Filipino and airs on TV5 every Monday to Friday from 1:15pm. I’m not a big fan of dubbed shows, something just always ends up lost in translation, especially the dramatic or comedic delivery of lines from the actors. Good thing that Smile Honey has a reasonably good script and material to begin with.

Anyway, here’s a more complete introductory synopsis to the show. This should be very helpful since most of the names of the characters have been changed to be more easy to remember and pronounce for Filipino audiences.

Jasmine Seo (Lee Min Jung) is the second daughter of a wealthy family. Right after her wedding to the equally rich Hansel Lee (Lee Kyu Han), her father David Seo (Kang Suk Woo) discovers that their family’s business has suddenly gone bankrupt. This forces Hansel to dump Jasmine since the marriage was supposed to be a unification of the two families’ wealth.

To make matters worse, the Seo Family is forced to live with their former long-time loyal chaffeur, Mando Kang (Choi Bool-Am). David Seo has been very rude and dismissive to Mang Mando in the past. But with no other choice, he ends up living in the chaffeur’s house with Jasmine and his snobbish wife, Charito Seo (Heo Yoon-Jung).

Funny enough, Mang Mando may seem very timid and subservient to the Seo Family. But now, the Seo Family must now live under his iron-fist rule.  Apparently, Mang Mando is very strict at home. In fact, his mechanic son Samson Kang (Chun Ho-Jin), and his son’s wife, Mildred (Song Ok-Sook), are both terrified of him. Even Mando’s grandson, Arnold Kang (Jung Kyung-Ho) who has already achieved a Graduate Degree and is working on a Doctorate in Automotive Engineering is scared of Mang Mando.

The arrival of the Seo Family in the Kang Family home creates tension on both sides. The Seo Family is forced to lead more simple lives as enforced by Mang Mando while the Kang Family is pushed to be more welcoming and to serve as examples of simple living to their new home buddies.

But the ultimate heart of the drama here will center on Jasmine and Arnold, who by some twist of fate has had a one-sided love for Jasmine’s very much independent older sister, Lyka (Choi Jung-Yoon). Arnold considers the moving-in of the Seo Family as a good luck sign for his one-sided love, while Jasmine slowly develops feelings for Arnold the more she gets to know him.

There are a total of 45 episodes to this drama. But K-Drama fans will be glad to know that TV5 has had the decency of NOT cutting up each 1 hour episode into 30 minute versions. So everyday you can actually watch a whole episode unlike with other dramas aired on ABS-CBN2 or GMA7.

The episode that aired last Saturday was already the 9th. But there’s no need to despair – Smile Honey has an easy to follow plot. All you need to know is the background of each of the characters to enjoy the story. For those who want to play catch-up, dramabeans has an extensive recap of 31 episodes. Just look for Smile, You HERE.  It’s important to note that the original Korean names of the characters have been changed so here is a guide for your convenience:

Seo Family
Jasmine Seo (Seo Jung In)
Lyka Seo (Seo Jung-Kyung)
David Seo (Seo Jung-Kil)
Charito Seo (Gong Joo-Hee)

Kang Family
Arnold Kang (Kang Hyun-Soo)
Mang Mando (Kang Man-Bok/Grandpa Man-bok)
Samson Kang (Kang Sang-Hoon)
Mildred Kang (Baek Geum-Ja)

Hansel Lee (Lee Han-Sae)

I am hoping that this K-Drama gets more viewers so that there would be a re-airing.  So let’s all watch Smile Honey!


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  1. catherine says:

    ..i really really enjoy watching smile honey!! i love jasmine seo and arnold kang..^_^
    .. so please watch guys cAuse its so fun and rOmantiC !! love lots..

    • joon25 says:

      Nice to know that, Catherine! I’ve noticed that there have been more people searching for Smile Honey in the past few days. Hopefully more people watch Smile Honey. Let’s continue campaigning and recommending it to friends for more people to watch it.

    • kris says:

      sir anung episode na ng smile honey sa tv 5?

    • jason says:

      tsk damn it tv5 removes smile you every saturday…tsk…thats the only way i can watch smile honey…haist…so lonely…..but is that true???that I can buy CD in walter….??i think its manggahan not dasmarinas….i wish its true..

    • april ann says:

      i love it too………. ang cute2 nilang dlawa bgay nah bgay cla…….. zna magkaroon pah cla ng pnibgong movie

  2. Ola says:

    This is indeed avery good and heartwarming drama plus the fact that the main couple is one of the most captivated couple ive seen in K-drama history..

  3. joon25 says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, allen. mysoju.com must be having problems again. Try this site then:


  4. jennylyn says:

    thanks to tv5 for airing this kind of program..its so interesting …!!!

    • joon25 says:

      Yeah, TV5 is a refreshing break from the ABS-CBN2 and GMA7 programming. I like the fact that TV5 actually airs 1 whole episode instead of cutting up an episode into two or sometimes even three like the bigger networks do.

      • Kalay says:

        they cut down episodes to 2 parts,, kasi higit 1 hour ang isang episode… tapos 45 minutes lng un total airing ng Smile you sa tv5, but then again at least ito araw araw.. hindi siya per week.. so araw araw ang kilig moments. hehehe keep it up. :))

    • joon25 says:

      @ Kalay

      I’m sorry to correct you but each episode of Smile You is 60 minutes long. That’s the standard length for K-Dramas. You can even check with hancinema.net (http://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Smile_v__Love.php).

      I also have several high-resolution copies of K-Dramas which I downloaded and all of them are an hour long. Anyway, this just gives us more reason to enjoy Smile, Honey!

  5. Smile Honey FAN! says:

    darn it. i am so addicted to smile honey, i bought a dvd of this. but it’s only up to 23. swear, i am obssessed w/ this. I KEPT ON DREAMING ABOUT HYUN SOO! 🙂 ♥ This is the best drama ever. swearrr! ME and MY FAMILY LOVE THIS DRAMA. we would sit together and eat popcorn while watching this. 🙂

    • joon25 says:

      Unfortunately, even my favorite source of full episode downloads – silentregrets.com does not have a complete copy of Smile Honey (Smile You) yet. They only have up to episode 35.

      Jung Kyung-Ho, the guy who plays Kang Hyun Soo (Arnold Kang) is actually a very good actor. It’s sad that he has yet to land a major drama hit in Korea. Smile Honey is his most popular so far (which earned respectable ratings but not Kim Sam Soon popularity). 😦

      I’ve seen two of his movies, Herb and Gangster High – and he was fantastic in both. I might do a spotlight on him soon – considering his growing popularity on my blog.

  6. hi wats your myspace page

  7. jane says:

    ang ganda ganda ng smile honey sobra talaga…….nakakakilig talaga……

  8. Kalay says:

    hi, may alam po ba kaung site kung saan nakadub ng Filipino ung Smile You, so an avid fan. hehe God Bless po.

    • joon25 says:

      Sorry, but I don’t know of any site that has Smile Honey in Filipino. Even the English subtitled versions are still incomplete. We will have to wait until somebody uploads them (usually on youtube for the Filipino versions). I’ll keep you posted if ever I find one. 🙂

  9. angelica says:

    .. grabe hindi ako nag sasawang panuorin to .! san kaya ako makakabili ng dvd .?

    • joon25 says:

      I don’t think you can find the complete episodes of Smile Honey yet in the dubbed Filipino version. But if you can’t wait for the drama to finish, visit Makati Cinema Square. I’m pretty sure they have a copy of the earlier episodes there.


  10. anne says:

    this one’s addicting! san kaya may available na dvd nto kahit yung english- subbed lang basta complete?

  11. waly says:

    sna ung tagalog nmn pra mas maintindihan ng mrmi…
    and sana ung completo nmn sna…

  12. joon25 says:

    Just an update for people looking for a complete DVD. My mom just bought her copy for just P50 near Waltermart Dasmarinas. The DVD is in Korean with English subtitles. I have yet to check on whether the subtitles are any good.

    As for a Filipino-dubbed version, there is no complete version in the market yet. They normally record the aired version on TV then just burn it on DVD. 🙂

    • anne says:

      is the DVD sold near at Waltermart Dasma complete? where exactly there? thanks.

      • joon25 says:

        Yes, it’s complete. 45 episodes. But it’s in the original Korean with English fan subs. Which is what I personally prefer.

      • anne says:

        me too, i prefer the original Korean then subbed dramas. Dialogues are a bit twisted when tagalized. 😦 is that HQ? where exactly is it there? i wanna buy. :((

      • joon25 says:

        Ha ha ha! Yeah, I know what you mean. Although sometimes, the English subbing can suck too. That’s why I started learning Korean so I can understand the original dialogue and appreciate the dramas more.

    • anne says:

      wow. haha me too, i started learning Korean, but only the basics. :p anyway, can you mail me the exact location where your mom got the dvd? is it high quality? i badly wanna buy one. please? 😦

  13. IMEE says:

    ang ganda talaga da best nakakakilig cna arnold at jasmine……….

  14. IMEE says:


    • joon25 says:

      Who’s the loveteam on the other channels?

      I only watch K-Dramas so I only see Smile Honey, First Wives Club, Don’t Cry My Love, and Hero. 🙂

      • zsaj_SOOINLOVEfan says:

        ~ I’ve also watched that … but still Smile,you is my priority at that time,.STILL ADDICTED ! . ‘Til now,im searching where can i download smile,you episodes in eng.sub /Filipino dubbed, Complete 45 episodes,& in HD??? .. 😀 Thanks @joon25 :* — waiting for your reply:*

  15. IMEE says:


  16. anne says:

    wow. haha me too, i’m stsrting learning Korean, but only the basics. :)) anyway, can you mail me the exact location where your mom got the dvd? is it high quality? i badly wanna buy. 😦 please? 😦

    • joon25 says:

      It’s in front of Waltermart Dasmarinas, just beside Mercury Drugstore. There are a lot of vendors selling DVDs there. It’s hard to miss.

      Just a note to everyone: This is not an endorsement of pirated DVDs. Since most of the Korean shows are unavailable in the local markets or downright hard to purchase or download online, I want K-Dramas like Smile Honey to have more fans. So buy a pirated DVD if you want so you can keep replaying it, but let’s still keep watching the aired version on TV5.

      This is the only way that TV networks will keep bringing quality K-Dramas to the Philippines.


      • anne says:

        super thank you! 🙂 yeay. wala naman nga original Kdrama DVDs na binebenta dito so last resort is to buy copies. i still watch it on tv5 kahit may pasok na. hehe i badly need a dvd se i won’t be able to watch it daily, even on saturdays. 😦 anyway, thanks ulit! 😀

  17. LOREBEL says:

    oh………….my GOD!…………………I didnt realy imagine that this kind of movie or film will come to my life!……………..irealy hope KYUNG JUNG HO and LEE MIN JUNG ,can read this ………………..OH MY GOD!…they are so cute,and they really made a cute couple………………i hope the two of them, will be develop to each other,and they will happily ever after…………..ah……………………!!!,i hope they will find time to visit the PHILIPPINES! ……………. in MINDANAO ofcourse!……………….LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!…………

  18. LUISA says:

    ang ganda!!!tama kang ulitin pag sat para mapnuod ng mga students!!!hahahah…loveit!

    • joon25 says:

      So keep watching it! He he he! I finished the whole series already – and I promise you that it’s worth watching until the end. You’ll love what happens not only to Jasmine and Arnold but also to the whole Kang and Seo Family. There’s a mix of funny, romantic, and even tear-jerking moments all the way to the finale!

      I only get to see this on TV5 every Saturday because of my busy work schedule but I’m very happy to see that it has a solid group of viewers. 🙂

  19. jhem says:

    yah.. right its so beautiful.. xo kilig, so sweet… lahat lahat andito nah.. i love jasmine and arnold

    • joon25 says:

      The “love angle” of Voltaire (the brother of Jasmine) will also be exciting and quite funny! So watch out for that as well.

      And just a teaser – Mang Mando will also have a “romantic angle”! Bwa ha ha ha! XD

  20. lovely says:

    .,grabe!! sobrang gnda ng smile honey..!! sana ulit-ulitin.. wag nyo po sanang alisin ang smile honey 2wing saturday.. dhl mraming hndi nka2panood pagmondays to fridays..pls lng salamat..

  21. lovely says:

    kung pwde lng po.. request ng lhat.. ay mgkaroon sana ng whole episode video ang smile honey sa website ng tv 5.. pls lng po.. sana m2pad ang request ng lhat.. salamat..

  22. smile Honey is my favorite koreanovela EVEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love the sweeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttt chemistry of jasmine and arnold.arnold’s killer smile made me kkkkiiiiillllliiiiiiig alwayszzz…….and everyyyy time they were together and holding hands.

  23. marielle says:

    anoh poh title nitong kantah plsss paki sabi kong alam nyo po http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIqCpSVFYL8&feature=related

  24. aldrin says:


  25. aldrin says:

    kakilig cla kxu sa sabado q nalng nppnood kc may psok na…….. ok na un :]……. dapat pti high kick din pgktapos nun hehe

  26. jacky says:

    >>.GrAbe ang gnda..Ng smLe honey d AqUh mkaGet OvEr sa kGwapUhan nI arnOld…huuuu….grabE bgay nA bGay Cla ni JaSmiNe…wEr kyA mkbiLi ng bLa nitO…?

  27. archel says:

    san po ba nakakabili ng dvd ng smile honey kasi hanggang saturday pasok q ee kakainis nga ee qng meron po tagalog dub nito pakishare nmn

  28. joella says:

    kailan poh ba matatapos ang smile honey♥♥♥……..kasi po super fan nila akohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh♥♥♥♥………

  29. joella says:

    ……….sana ipalabas nyo sa dvd ng smile honey
    ♥♥♥♥sigurado aq na pag ntapos to maraming malulungkot ksama na aq
    ………………super fan aq talaga ng smile honey

  30. Jearlo says:

    san b pde makapanuod? ng “SMILE HONEY” na filipino dub? pls share.

  31. april usi says:

    kung pwedi lang wag na matapos ang smile honey eheheheh….. super fan kc aq wehh, sna pag-ntapos na ipalabas uli….. eheeh mami-miss q 2 kpag natapos nah,,, mlapit na pa nman matapos eheheh

  32. xhina says:

    super kilig tlaga ang SMILE HONEY;-0
    sana nga tumagal pa tlaga..
    very kakakilig;)

  33. lykalane_07 says:

    sana po ay gav n lng ang smile honey kc may pasok n wala ng masyadong makkpanuod
    fan p nman ako nyan ^^ pls. tv5 …………………

  34. xhina says:

    ♥♥♥ love it♥♥♥

  35. mark lorenze says:

    ang gra nman kasi eh mai pasok kami pag pinapalabas ung smile honey ang gra ! sana gwing gabi para nakakapanuod ako !

  36. hears_14 says:

    Simle honey! I really love it….. Ohhhhhhhh my jazmine and arnold

  37. benette says:

    kaka-inlove ang character ni arnold kang!////hays/////

  38. camille says:

    ang ganda ng smile honey ..kakakilig sana may ilabas na kopya sa dvd..

  39. HAZEL says:


  40. cancerb says:

    Is this still airing at TV5???

  41. shana says:

    ang ganda ganda talaga ng smile honey sana ipalabas sa gma

  42. 'jen-jen' says:

    supper klig tlga ang smile honey,,supper gling ng mga characters lalo na c arnold at jasmin grabe ang ganda ng chemistry nila!!!!!!

  43. carlyn says:

    i really love this soap…
    pero mlungkot aq kc tinnggal yung replay every saturday……!!!so sad,,,
    yun lng ung time q to watch that eh…kulang2x p ung episode sa youtube,hoping n my mg upload……

  44. kakabad 3p nmn wla ng SH 2wing sat., ask q lng pano po ilgay tung mga nrecord qng video(SH) sa u-tube since last week kc ng May nag re2cord aq thru my digicam lng. panu po ________________________________________

  45. Jaypee says:

    too sad, until Aug.20 (Fri.) na lang ang Smile Honey, matatapos na siya.

  46. sasuri says:

    step by step po sana>>>>>>>>>

  47. anyaie says:

    hi! regarding your updates, where would you possibly put them? somewhere everyone could see would be nice.

    Really appreciated your efforts for Smile Honey! but whats the feasible series title would i ask if i want to have one in the market? it seems it has many titles kasi!!


  48. janine says:

    i want to know the title of the background music of “smile honey” pls response.. thank you..

    • joon25 says:

      The background music used in the Filipino dubbed version is “Runaway” by Krissy & Ericka.

      But the original music (the one played when Arnold and Jasmine have romantic moments) is entitled “Bye Bye” by Melo Breeze. This is the one with the lyrics – “Bye Bye! Bye Bye! Anyeong De Sarang!”

      The other one you also hear a lot on the show is “Vis-A-Vis” by Melo Breeze. This is also played during less intense romantic moments.

      There’s also that tender love song 잠도 못자요 (Can’t Sleep) by Shin Ji. This is the one sang by a woman. 🙂

  49. winnie lyn says:

    wow im very glad that i watch smile honey it became my inspiration but bye bye good memories to come…..

  50. Krixa09 says:

    sna iblik SH, kc ung SHmarathon lng npapanood q kya lng inalis pa .. . . . . . . . . kya pls pki replay khit anung tym baxta pki blik T_^ > Smile,Honey kung pwde 5pm para sa mga student n kgaya q }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} real life couple pob cla….?

  51. calicajur says:


  52. 56ontheroad says:

    real life couple b cla lee min jung at c jung kyung ho? corec me if im wrong ht: LeeMinJung 5’3” _ JungKyungHo 5’8”

    • joon says:

      They’re not really a couple off-screen. Although Jung Kyung-Ho has said in the past that they are “close acquaintances” (whatever that means). He also admitted that they share the same disposition so they work and look well together.

  53. 56ontheroad says:

    tama ka jan sna tlga ireplay Smilehoney kung nde pwde sa 5pm aus na saken ang 12mn para sa kagaya kong working student nmn

  54. monx says:

    pki blitaan nyu nlng po kme kung ire-replay na po pls @@@@@ sna nka front page ^_* V request lng; parang mganda nga pg 12mn SNA NGA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  55. 56ondaRoad says:

    tka Lng ….. hmmm… joon korean blood kb bkt… npancn q puro korean ang Pnag uuspan d2…… nagtataka lng ………. tska parang ndi mu naren pinapancn ung mga koreandrama na replay kgya ng shinng inheritance/……………………….. …

  56. 56ondaRoad says:

    ah gnun ba ,… ok/ d mu cnagut ang question q….? ahmm gus2 qlng mlaman kung mtaas b ratings ng temptation of wife,,,,?

  57. samantha catoy says:

    ang ganda po talaga ng smile honey sana nmn po eh ereplay nyo ulit hindi po kme mg sasawang manood.sa ktunayan nga po bumili pa ako ng dvd ng smile honey na korean version.kya po san po eh ulitin nyo ulit pls pls pls po……………more power ang god bless

  58. 56oNdaRoad says:

    tama k jan sna nga ///////////// d na nasagot c joon heehehe na aburido n ata senxa na po a……….. nd kc aq mkp@g comNt dun sa mismong web ng tv5 kung saan nan dun ung sh . . . . . . . . . .

  59. 56onDroad says:

    ah gnun b ……… ok po, it seems na mgnda rin ung [Cinderella’sister_11pm@AbsCbn] [OnAir_2:30pm@Qtv] xhare qlng foehhhzzzx ung tnung co poeeeehz””””’ kung my korean blood po kau”’? wla lng po kc,,,, QrYusz lng poe akoee
    ty nga pla, kc Laking 2long ng web nyu para sa mga kagya qng adik sa….. anything ab’t korean

  60. carlo moreno says:

    san po ba nakakabili ng DVD ng smile honey?…

  61. Smiler09 says:

    I miss smile honey / Happy 28th birthday Lee Min Jung +++++==================================================================================================== HAPPY BirhtDay-=== jung in

  62. Smiler09 says:

    feb 16 1983 Lee min jung

  63. eFtosee says:

    hmmmmmmmmm mukhang si heart E. lang ang pu-pwedeng gumanap na jung in, kung gagawa ng version ang Philippines.///////// SH(Smile,You)

  64. kroseen says:

    mukhang c heart E. lng ang pu-pwedeng gmanap na jasmin sa smile honey pilipinas version. mg ka height pa cla -heart 5’2 1/2 ,Lee Min Jung 5’3 parehas pang feb ang b’day nila…………………………… un lng

  65. jhoanna torres says:

    sna ibalik p 2!!

  66. kang hyunso says:


  67. el king says:

    hayss ! balik nyo na smile honey !! tv5 !! tsk tsk !!

  68. buhay pa pala page na to wew dami fans ng smile honey tlaga naman o sana nga tlaga ireplay….

  69. bukod po sa mysoju San pa p0 nakakapanood ni2 tagalog sub o eng suBs – kc palagi nlng Cra ung mysoju.com/korean

  70. Nino says:

    sn b mkakabili ng tagalog ver. n DVD ne2?

  71. chad says:

    Sayang 2ng pLabas na to para sa Aken mas nag hit to kung sa 2 or 7 to ineRe kasi sa pGkaka2alam ko nung 2010 sa luzon lng my tv5 hindi pa full luzon a.;;;;; tapos 1;15 pa time anu banmn yun. kawawa namaN student hindi maka panood. aabsent lang pra mapanood; ako yun. UN LANG COmmnNt q “SAyANG” maling network

  72. bakit po ganun idol joon palagi pong my ”pasan scene” sa mga k-drama nagtatanung lng po , june4 po b ung sa 2NE1…?

  73. muli nga pala makikita si lee min jung sa boys over flowers sa SAT; 09:20am

  74. yun my chance pa na i-replay ang ”SmileHoney” kasi yung kasabayan nya na ”My Wife Is A superwoman” irereplay sa Monday 12;30pm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. TY nga po pala sa reply YesZZZz Jun4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. sya nga po pala idol joon watch mo si Ryan bang sa ”showtime” minsan nagsasama sya ng korean fiends nya sa ”sample10x” ang ganda ng nakita ko last- lastweek

  76. psensha na po kung makulet; eto pa idol joon watch nyu po ”RATED K” K-pop’ topic nila mMya 7:30pm po ata hndi po ako xure kasi my nagPM lng po sakin

  77. chiqui23 says:

    Hello Guyz!!!!! I really love this drama especially the casts..hehehe..Jung Kyung Ho and Lee min jung is the best couple for me so pls help me nman po if where can I watch the episodes 23-45 kz wla sa net and cd..huhuhuhuh..pls helllppp…

  78. it’s really refreshing to watch Smile Honey , but i wasnt able to watch it in TV5 coz im not there anyway, but i really love watching it in diff sites , but the problem ws the episode 38 is no longer available ive tried so hard ive been searching smile honey ep 38 but i cant tssk! i really wanted to buy DVD but i dont know where and how , coz im not in philippines right now. if you gonna report the problem in the video do they really gonna fix this up ?

  79. zsaj_SOOINLOVEfan says:

    Just my Opinion 🙂 — WISH that they will not IMITATE Smile,You here @Phils. ‘coz there is no one could be like HYUN SOO & JUNG IN chemistry,acts and Look a Like…. What do you think Guys? Isn’t OK ?! — are you agree ?

  80. zsaj_SOOINLOVEfan says:

    Why can’t i GET OVER to them (Jung kyung Ho & Lee min jung)!?! when i see them together in a picture im trembling .. This kdrama is very Unfogettable among ALL kdramas that I’ve watched in my entire life 😀 can’t forget every Episodes nor pictures and songs of this RomCom. 🙂 —— thanks to this site also :* MORE POWER !

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