I just saw this video for “Bo-Peep” by T-ara on Asian MYX a couple of days back. It really left me with a serious case of LSS (Last Song Syndrome) because of it’s infectious and addictive melody.  I especially liked the intro of the song which surprisingly enough reminded me a bit of Clazziquai with its electronic vocal monologues.

What’s interesting about “Bo-Peep” is how the repetitive ‘Bo-Peep! Bo-Peep!’ makes it cute and memorable, to almost bordering on irritating. The rest of the song is just ok, and I can barely even remember the chorus. But the ‘Bo-Peep! Bo-Peep!’ definitely sticks to the mind like jam on bread.

After searching the net, I found out that  there were two versions of this. As far as I know, MYX Music Channel has only shown the “Dance” version which shows T-ara in more colorful outfits against a pastel peach background.

The “Sexy” version hasn’t been shown on MYX yet but I think it’s the much better version. This is one of those cases wherein having a dominantly black and white palette is actually more colorful than having a rainbow of pastels. It makes the song more playful and teasing without trying too hard. Check out the video below:

So which do you think is better?

Title: “Bo-Peep Bo-Peep”
Album: Absolute First
Artist: T-ara
Genre: K-Pop

Thanks to koreanpride2 and KPOPMVO20 for the videos! >:)


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