There’s something for Filipino K-Drama fans to smile about! And that includes the K-Drama Smile Honey which is currently airing on TV5, unknown to many.

With ABS-CBN and GMA networks dominating Philippine TV ratings, I checked out TV5 to see if there were some K-Dramas being aired that Filipino K-Drama fans were missing out on just because they mostly tune in to the two leading TV channels. Sure enough, I found Smile Honey and other K-Dramas on their “Gusto Ko Noon” program schedule.

Monday to Saturday 11:45am
starring: Kim Nam-joo, Lee Hye-young, Oh Ji-ho, Choi Chul-ho

During their high school days, the popular Lindsay (Kim Nam Joo) always picked on loser Julie (Lee Hye Young). As fate would have it, the situation is reversed when they start working. Julie marries successful businessman Jimson (Choi Chul Ho), while Lindsay ends up with Anjo (Oh Ji Ho), an average office employee. Is it sweet revenge for Julie at last?

Monday to Saturday 12:30pm
starring: Kim Hye-seon, Oh Hyun-kyeong, Son Hyeon-joo, Kim Hye-sook, Oh Dae-gyoo, Ahn Nae-sang

Discovering that their husbands have been unfaithful, a group of wives form the First Wives Club to stand up for their family and their marriage!

Monday to Saturday 1:15pm
starring: Seo Jung-in, Jung Kyung-ho

Will the once rich and spoiled Jasmine (Seo Jung In),discover love in the most unlikely of places? Find out as her ruined family moves in with their loyal chaffeur’s family.

Monday to Saturday 1:45pm
starring: Kim Hye Sung, Lee Yoon-ho, Lee Soon-jae, Nah Moon-hee, Park Hae-mi, Jeong Joon-ha

This is the crazy story of an unstoppable family led by the gangster Simon (Lee Yoon Ho), who is known in school for his high kick, and his brother Rico (Kim Hye Sung), who enjoys spending time on scale models and web blogs. The two brothers are polar opposites in character but attend the same class in school despite being one year apart in age.

Of these four, I highly recommend Smile Honey. It’s a light, funny, and really entertaining drama with a pair of leads that have really good chemistry. Local K-Drama fans who enjoy romantic comedies will surely love this one.


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  2. oh my! we actually made the same show reviews(with different versions ofcourse and i didn’t feature my wife is a superwoman, haha, i just have my own reasons, haha) but i was really shocked by this. haha. check out mine i posted it in my tumblr blog: i also have had my feature of mishil/ko hyun jung here on wordpress check it:

    hope you’ll like them!

  3. zoeychi_star says:

    hello. i just want to ask if do you have any videos of smile honey in youtube?

  4. Jaypee says:

    updates on K-TV on TV5!

    Don’t Cry My Love – 12:30PM
    First Wives Club – 1:00PM
    Glass Castle – 1:30PM
    High Kick – 2:00PM

  5. elaine valondo says:

    i love u simon lee … ):

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