I just filled up my 5th Generation 8GB iPod Nano. I know it’s supposed to be able to record and playback videos, as well as store pictures, but my Korean music used up all the memory. This was after adding several discographies of Korean artists – primarily indie Korean Rock. I’ll try to give my thoughts on each one later on. But for the mean time, here are the current Korean playlists rocking my iPod (All are highly recommended since I don’t store stuff I don’t love).

Bye Bye Sea
Coffee Prince (arguably the best Korean OST ever!)
Crying Nut
Deli Spice
Gong Yoo (the songs from his military radio program)
Hot Potato

Korean OST (songs from The Classic, Windstruck, Goong, Biscuit Teacher, Coffee Prince, Loveholic’s Dramatic Cinematic, La Dolce Vita, and Beethoven Virus)

Korean Pop (individual songs from Melo Breeze, Suho, Yoon Sang, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Tae Woo, FT Island, U-Kiss, DBSK, and Big Bang)

Lucid Fall
Mary Story
My Aunt Mary
Peterpan Complex

Just an advice to any music lover using an iPod: don’t settle for the classic white earphones that come with it. I know they’re iconic but they don’t do justice to your music. Get some headphones so you can really hear what the artists want you to hear.

I highly recommend the Sennheiser HD205 Headphones which I just got. As expected from Sennheisser, it has really warm sound output and can play a broad frequency of sounds so you can hear all of the individual instruments and synthesizers. This is great especially for listening to groups like Clazziquai and Nell. The bass isn’t ear-popping but I’ve never been a fan of heavy-pounding bass. I think it’s more of a bass “feel” that resounds in the undertones of the music that better complements the songs.

The Sennheisser HD205 can feel a bit uncomfortable after long periods of wearing it. This is despite the soft leather in the cups and the headband. But it does appear more expensive than it looks. I got mine for only Php2,999 from the Mac Store in Greenbelt 3. It’s in black to match my black iPod perfectly.


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