Beast debuts in the Philippines’ MYX Music Hit Chart this week with “Shock” at #20. This is a welcome entry considering the consistent showing of other K-Pop Groups like Super Junior with “Sorry, Sorry” at #15, 2NE1 with “Try To Follow Me” at #4, Girls Generation with “Run Devil Run” at #3, and U-Kiss with “Bingeul Bingeul” at #2.

When I first saw “Shock”, I have to admit that I was a bit underwhelmed. It’s not like the usual K-Pop music video since the lighting on the talents and their costumes seemed too dark and dreary for such a bleak and industrial background filled with wires and pipes. The song’s melody itself seems a bit erratic and forced in terms of rhythm and harmony at times – especially when it comes to the chorus when they sing “Everyday I shock!”. (It even made me think that they should be singing “Everyday I suck!”).

However, after watching the video a couple of times – it did grow on me. I tried to play it with my booming Altec Lansing speakers and the pounding rhythm and synthesizers made it more enjoyable. I don’t totally like it yet – just enough to give it another chance.

Title: “Shock”
Artist: Beast
Album: Shock Of The New Era
Genre: K-Pop

Thanks to mrleuleu for the video! >:)


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