Ok, it’s not really Lee Min-Ho’s house. It’s just the home of Etude House, the latest beauty brand that he is endorsing. My sister first came across this brand at their Festival Mall Alabang branch, which is the latest that they opened in the country. Since then, she has vowed to have a complete make-up set composed only of Etude products.

Last Saturday, she convinced me to accompany her to the Etude House in Megamall so that I can put it on this blog. After a long time of trying on an endless number of products, she decided to buy (more of ask me to buy for her) a Lovely Cookie Blush for Php328 and an Oh My Eye Liner for Php198. Because her purchase was worth more than Php500, she also got a free Pink Membership Card. This entitles her to a 2% rebate on her next purchase if it’s worth Php100 and above. Aside from that, she also got a free Lee Min-Ho Folder.

My sister says that Etude House is quite affordable and the products are quite good. She loves the packaging of their cosmetics (cute and playful) and the overall feel of their store (which is bright and pink all over). However, if you’re a bit dark-skinned like my sister, you might need to look really hard for colors that suit your skin since most of Etude House shades are for lighter complexions.

Overall, if you’re a girl looking for an alternative to more expensive Korean beauty brands like The Face Shop or Skin Food, Etude House is definitely the best choice.


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