I first saw this video a couple of weeks ago on Asian MYX, a special program on MYX Music Channel Philippines that features Asian artists (obviously).  It took me quite some time to find this video since all I remembered when I saw it was the title of the song, 내 여자 (Ne Yoja) or My Girl. It was hard to look for My Girl since every time I searched on youtube, the results that popped up were videos of the popular drama starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae. Good thing my friend aira from JapKorChi found it for me.

It was definitely worth searching for this song, as Brian’s version of My Girl fits into the R&B mold quite well with its throbbing danceable hip-hop beat. The use of rappers, in this case the Supreme Team, is an old formula for songs of this genre – but what the heck, it works. The rap adds a powerful contrast to the smooth vocals of Brian while complementing the beat of the song.

Title: My Girl (내 여자)
Album: Vol. 2 – Manifold
Artist: Brian
Genre: K-Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop

Thanks to TYPICALpocky7 for the video. >:)


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