Since becoming a fan of some Korean artists (whether in music or acting), I’ve noticed how most fan groups from abroad – like Japan – are very organized. Not only do they have a strong network that keeps their members updated about the latest from their idols, they even actively participate in organizing fan meets of these Korean artists whether in their own country or abroad.

In the search for a similar Korean fan group in the Philippines, I came across Girls’ Generation Philippines. A lot of Korean groups may have a strong following in the Philippines but not all of them are as organized as Girls’ Generation Philippines.

Just like their counterparts in other countries, Girls’ Generation Philippines have their own site at multiply which acts as their information center to keep local fans updated on news, photos, and even videos.

But what really separates this group from other Philippine fan groups is how they actively participated with Universal Records to hold a special Girls’ Generation Day in three music stores in the country last March 20 where they gave away freebies to fans with every purchase of the group’s album.

There’s still a long way to go before Philippine fan groups can be as organized as their international counterparts but with groups like Girls’ Generation Philippines, this may not be the case for long.

So if you’re a Girl’s Generation fan, visit to join the fan group.


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